10 Garden Theme ideas

Your garden is an integral part of the aesthetic putting together for your entire home. Seeking to take your garden game a step higher perhaps for a special event coming up, to improve the resale value of your home or just seeking to install a garden, then this article is for you. Check Bay Area Gazette for more garden themes and garden-related news.

Ten Garden Theme Ideas

A theme garden is quite easy to spot usually because of the extended beauty of the aura or the uniformity. In this article, I’ll be highlighting ten theme garden ideas you could try out this year,

  1. Edible gardens; This is one of the most functional gardens there is. It isn’t only pretty, but it’s also a way of conserving funds and putting inexpensive and healthier food on your table every day.
  2. Butterfly gardens; ever heard of choice architecture? Butterfly gardens are choice architecture gardens. If you have always been fascinated by those colorful insects, you can orchestrate your garden to be conducive for butterflies: sun, flat stones, fountain, nectar plants, and zero pesticides.
  3. Moon Gardens; this type of garden is filled with night-blooming plants only. They are usually unconventional but still just pretty. To enjoy this kind of garden, it’s often best to situate it beside a decking, terrace, or patio
  4.  Xeriscaping; this sort of garden is characterized by its population of native plants. This is often a result of an attempt to conserve water. The result is a very native garden that doesn’t require a lot of dedication or water’s low maintenance. But before you can have the best garden in your house, it is vital to check the patio first. You need to do this just to make sure that the garden and the patio have coordinated or matching themes. You may contact san diego driveway paving experts to know the best way to improve your patio and driveway. 
  5. Cutting gardens; cutting gardens are distinguished by single stem flowers. This is often very functional for everyday pickups or events needing flowers. A quick snap here and there and you have a whole bouquet. These are also very beautiful
  6. Tropical Gardens; tropical gardens are not limited to tropical areas alone. Tropical gardens true to its name is an attempt to bring the sultry bright colors typical of tropical areas into the garden
  7. Native Gardens; maybe having flowers typical to a geographical area only. Native gardens often employ the use of flowers typical to the climate and soil of the country.
  8. WildLife Gardens; wildlife gardens slightly border on the dangerous side but they could be just as pretty to keep and they also come with an exciting edge. They employ the use of plants, wildflowers, and sometimes little ponds for the sole purpose of attracting birds and insects. Here is another choice architecture style of garden.
  9. Apothecary Gardens; these kinds of gardens are filled with plants for their medicinal properties. They are groomed with plants like sage, thyme peppermint, etc
  10. Perfume Gardens; last on the list appeals to our sense of smell. These kinds of gardens are characterized by fragrance flowers like roses, lavenders, sweet violets, etc.


Gardens are always an envy and a lot of them require more maintenance than others, in the list above, I am convinced there is one for you. Happy Gardening