10 Must-Know Ostomy Treatments And Care

There can be more than enough going on for a rehabilitated ostomate. For most, finding the significant positivity, an assurance that there is nothing absurd about their feelings, together with continuous body treatment will go a long way. And while you might want to check out on these effective urostomy bag belts, I have highlighted the 10 best mental and bodily care for your ostomy down below. Get in.

5 Important Mental Care For An Ostomate

  • Have Someone To Disclose Things To; as ostomates respond to the experiences gone through before surgery and post-surgery differently, the fashion of response to the internal memories varies. If your personality is such that finds comfort in disclosing anguish to other people, this nugget will be helpful. Otherwise, head on to the next bulletin below. Still here? Great. It is important to be selective about the people you share your day-to-day experiences as an ostomate with. Start with people who are closest to you that you are comfortable to express yourself to. A family member or a friend who understands ostomy and is genuinely interested in your well-being and growth.
  • Dealing With Loss And Grief; not being able to use your body like before can bring about a continuous stream of negative thoughts in the mind. Some studies reveal that a large percent of ostomates experience the same feelings of bitterness, anxiety, depression, retreating, and denial just like the amputees. And due to the interwoven connection between the body and the mind, the way you think affects your biological structure. To stay ahead of those depressing thoughts, here some things you should do. Engage in meditation, spend time in nature, sun-gaze and moon-gaze, practice gratitude in lieu of regret, see a movie, and live more in the present moment and not in the past your head.
  • Socialization; while you may still keep those old friends that are ready to be there for you at all times, each stage in life brings about change. So to speak, as an ostomate, building the right kind of friends around you is important. Search online for forums, communities, groups, and blogs that are built to actively connect ostomates. Read more about the possibilities of living a healthy life as an ostomate and spend more time around people like you.
  • Handling social anxiety; what if my ostomy bag leaks? What if it fell off? What if I can’t control ostomy odor? Those are some of the many possible what-ifs that can cause social anxiety. But a little bit of realistic assurance will get that off the mind. First off, always make sure that you have extra clothes with you, for just in case you need it on your outings. Always empty your pouch before any serious activity. Use ostomy pouch filter to constantly, efficiently get rid of the odor. And wear ostomy bag covers or ostomy wraps to conceal your pouch.

With all that said, below are the bodily treatments you should constantly get to heal faster.

Bodily Treatments For An Ostomate

  • Depending on your preference, wash the incision area with water or soap and water three times every day
  • Avoid applying baby wipes, lotions, soaps with lotion, ointments, powders, creams, and isopropyl alcohol in the ostomy area
  • Avoid peristomal skin damage by avoiding too much pressure from the support belt and secure that your skin isn’t exposed to the leakage from your pouching system
  • Use stoma powder frequently if the skin around the ostomy gets red or irritated often
  • Wash your ostomy belts and covers every day after use and sterilize to avoid getting an infection