10 Reasons Why You Should Start Recycling Your Water Bottles

As you read this, millions of water bottles are being disposed of. Data even revealed that 2.5 million plastic water bottles are used every single hour. That is 60 million plastic water bottles in a day and over 21 billion plastic water bottles used in just a year. Where does it all go?

No wonder our world is having a rough time dealing with waste management and facing climate change head-on. And due to the gravity of this problem, one of the most affected is the integrity of the water we use at home. If you want to make sure that the water in your home is safe and you also want to help lessen the impact of climate change, you must install the Best salt free water conditioner in your home. Indeed, we have to do something! And another powerful thing that you could do now is to recycle. You should start recycling your plastic water bottles to reap the following benefits:

1. Wise Resource Use

We need to use fewer natural resources. Recycling plastic water bottles will exactly help in doing just that. Oil is needed in plastic water bottle production and it comes in limited supply. By recycling, we’d conveniently get to skip using more oil. One ton of recycled plastic water bottles equates to saving on 3.8 barrels of oil. 7.6 million barrels of oil were saved back in 2008 when 212 million plastic materials were recycled. Now that’s a massive help!

2. Smart Energy Use

Using recycled plastic water bottles is way better than making brand new ones because less energy is used. You can save so much energy by simply choosing to recycle plastic water bottles. Recycling uses 66% less energy than manufacturing new plastic bottles. This easily results in less fossil fuel use. This is easily one of the best reasons why we should all endeavor to recycle plastic water bottles.

3. The Pollution Issue

Recycling your plastic water bottles is also one of the simplest ways to reduce pollution. Proper recycling of plastic water bottles will ensure that landfills are not overflowing with waste. This ensures the minimized presence of toxic pollutants in the air. Plastic resins in landfills can seep through soil and groundwater and cause massive pollution and environmental damage. We can all simply avoid this if we’d choose to recycle plastic water bottles.

4. Simple Philosophy

It is very easy to recycle plastic water bottles and plastic materials in general. In America alone, 80% of their population has access to superb plastic recycling programs. Recycling protocols such as drop-off sites and curbside pickups are widely present. Universities worldwide are also making it easy for students to properly dispose of and recycle their plastic water bottles. You have no reason whatsoever to not choose to recycle because it’s very easy and convenient to do it now.

5. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate change is upon us and recycling plastic water bottles is such a big and simple way to address it. The continuous manufacture of plastic water bottles adds to the release of massive amounts of carbon dioxide. This intensifies our total rate of greenhouse gas emissions. This directly affects global warming. Cutting on the manufacture of plastic water bottles by choosing to recycle instead will greatly help in our world’s overall carbon emission.

6. Waste Management

Plastic water bottles are not biodegradable. They remain stuck in landfills and fill up so much space. When they are not properly disposed of in landfills, they end up in roadways and our oceans. Animals end up ingesting plastic and harming themselves. They even end up getting wrapped and trapped in it. This should never be the case. Humans are stewards of the world and we should take better care of our environment and other species. We can do such a task greatly if we’d start recycling plastic water bottles. Australia leading plastic manufacturers should now endeavor to produce less and recycle full time.

7 Employment Rate

Recycling also provides livelihood to over 2.3 million people. Choosing to participate in it equates to choosing to give jobs to millions of people in the recycling industry. More and more people are choosing to be in the recycling industry because more and more people are becoming more aware and in tune with society’s need for a better, healthier, and safer environment. Choose to recycle to help those whoare actively doing the heavy lifting.

8. Sustainable Development

Recycling is at the very heart of sustainable development. All governmental regulations and policies are now imbued with principles of sustainable development. We need it to ensure that humans, as species, survive. Participating in recycling is choosing to intelligently prepare for the future. It is the quickest way to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all.

9. Savings

You will also save a lot if you’d choose to recycle. Recycling may not make you a millionaire but it will surely add something to your budget. You’d never know just how big accumulated five cents can get. On a larger scale, it’s also more affordable to run a recycling facility than a waste management center. A recycling facility does not need an incinerator and a landfill. Recycling facilities bring so much more value and lesser costs.

10. Peace of Mind

Recycling will help you sleep soundly at night. You’d get to sleep in peace because you’d know that you’re doing everything within your power to help the environment. Why not choose to do the right thing every day? Why procrastinate? Why delay becoming your better self? Become your better and smarter version by choosing to recycle. It will give you a deep satisfaction that will give you solid peace of mind. Choosing to recycle is choosing to be better. Choose to be better now. You owe it to the environment and to yourself.