5 Ways People Are Making The Most Out Of Using CBD Oil

Recent law changes have made the sale of CBD Oil legal on the federal level and in most states, which has made this already popular holistic compound even more sought-after. While it was first tested as a treatment for epilepsy, more and more uses are being discovered and examined all the time. CBD cannabis oil is now being looked at as a possible key to wellness for everything from back pain to certain types of cancer. There’s no telling where all this new information will lead, but here are 5 ways people are using CBD oil right now to change their lives.  

1. Microdosing For Creating Calm And Balance

It didn’t take long for two super trendy wellness topics to intertwine. Microdosing small amounts of CBD oil several times a day can help keep you chill, according to a recent article by DailyCBDMag.com. The idea of microdosing (both legal and illegal mixtures of plant compounds) has been around for a while but has recently made a come back, especially in relation to adaptogens that help you control stress and anxiety. Now you can microdose CBD oil by taking a drop or two sublingually, over the course of a day. It is said that microdosing leads to better absorption of the substance and more prolonged effects. Verified CBD suggests building up your dosage by 25 mg every 3–4 weeks until you achieve relief from your symptoms. If your symptoms worsen or you have side effects, reduce your dosage.

Microdosing CBD oil specifically has shown benefit for those who struggle with anxiety and depression, as well as PTSD. Users also claim to have greater mental focus, a general sense of calmness, and an easier time sleeping. The process of microdosing can also help you find your personal best dosage of cbd oil, since it is unregulated and under studies there are very little specific guidelines as to how much you should take.  A little experimenting might be necessary for optimal results. You can find Hemp wholesale products online as well in the market. click here to buy.

2. CBD Oil For People On The Autism Spectrum

One in forty children in the US fall somewhere on the autism spectrum (ASD), causing a multitude of problems that disrupt their daily lives. Recent studies have shown the CBD oil can make a surprising improvement in anxiety, communication and behavioral problems, even in kids who previously didn’t respond to pharmaceutical treatments. Several of the ways CBD oil can benefit people with autism are outlined in an article by CBDKYRO.com, found online. People with autism have trouble processing stimuli and have difficulties with social interactions. These things can cause a lot of anxiety, which is a major issue for many children and adults on the spectrum. The exact cause of autism is unknown and there is no cure, that leaves parents and patients looking for ways to reduce symptoms in order to become happier and more independent. CBD oil just might be the key, especially for people that don’t want to rely too heavily on medications or who are sensitive to them. 

3. Get Focused – Using CBD For ADHD 

ADHD is a brain disorder with a characteristic lack of focus combined with periods of hyperactivity. It interferes with the development and education of many children and adults in America and all over the world. The two main treatments for ADHD are stimulant and non-stimulant medications. Both types of medications have unwanted side effects including poor appetite, difficulty sleeping, upset stomach, and anxiety. Behavioral modifications are also used but medication is the primary treatment. Now people are beginning to wonder, could CBD oil be used to help people with ADHD? 

According to this article on HealthcareWeekly.com, a lack of the brain chemical dopamine can cause difficulty focusing and it just so happens that CBD oil interacts with dopamine receptors and stimulate them to create more dopamine. More studies are needed but it seems fair to say that this connection warrants further investigation. CBD oil can also reduce the restlessness that comes with ADHD and can have a calming effect that helps fend of impulsivity issues. Better yet, CBD can do all this while also reducing anxiety and helping kids sleep better. 

4. Find Relief From Chronic Pain Without Opioids 

Our nation’s over-dependence on opioid (narcotic) pain relievers has become a devastating epidemic. But what can we do when there are so many prevalent chronic pain disorders causing people real discomfort? One of the keys to non-addictive pain control might be found in the use of CBD topicals like CBD oil. According to Healthline.com, CBD oil can help reduce pain, inflammation and overall discomfort in many types of chronic pain conditions. 

What enables CBD to help control pain? Every human has a natural endocannabinoid system that uses cell signaling to help control sleep, mood, memory, appetite and more. CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to impact the way the brain perceives pain and inflammation. So far CBD oil has been used by people seeking pain relief for back problems, migraine headaches, cancer pain, fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain. 

5. CBD Oil For Pets

It isn’t  just humans that are finding CBD oil beneficial. If there is one thing on this planet people love more than themselves, it’s their pets. Many people looking for natural or holistic approaches to the health of their dogs and cats are now seeking CBD oil treatments. As with any health trend, it’s best to wait for more studies to become available before putting too much stock in a cure-all, but so far CBD oil is showing promise for several pet problems, especially with separation or noise anxiety, seizures, and neuropathic pain. The American Kennel Club recommends looking for organic sources of high quality CBD for your pets. Make sure there is little to no THC (the psychoactive property that gives you a high) in the oil you buy and use for pets. While there is little scientific evidence to prove medicinal benefits of CBD oil on pets, you can find a lot of personal experience stories on forums online. Many people credit CBD with helping calm nervous dogs and ease older pet’s arthritis pains and discomforts. Many people looking for natural or holistic approaches to the health of their dogs and cats are now seeking CBD oil treatments. CBD treats for your dog is the enhanced approach. CBD treats for your dog

Author bio: This article comes from Andrew Peterson at VegasForAll