5 Ways to Digitize In-store Shopping Experience

In 2021, U.S. retail sales ramped up by 9.8%, all thanks to the massive relaunch of in-store shopping. But that doesn’t imply customers will abandon their online shopping experiences, which they have relied on during the whole pandemic.

Thus, it is clear that businesses need to connect in-store and digital shopping experiences in a way that leaves customers with a seamless shopping experience.

This blog shares five ways how organizations can digitize their in-store solutions to target a wide range of customers and boost their sales.

1. Streamline Your Data Feeds

In today’s marketplace, where brands use multiple digital channels like social media and e-commerce platforms to reach their customers, it is vital to streamline all the data in one place. Thus, companies should invest in a solution that streamlines their data feeds to provide a consistent experience to their customers.

Having a centralized data feed, you can put forward real-time product updates across different platforms so that the customers clearly know the status of your inventory.

2. Local Inventory Ads

Local inventory ads are a feature that companies utilize to sell their surplus inventory. With an organized data feed, retailers can use store-specific inventory data to target local consumers who use google search methods to look for shopping sites.

Moreover, these ads also facilitate in-store pickups as local ads shoppers click through to product listings and get important information about your store, hours of operation, and current promotions.

3. Use Modern Payment Solutions

Another way organizations can digitize their in-store shopping experience is by providing modern payment solutions to their customers. From cash, cheques, debit & credit cards, mobile payments, to even cryptocurrencies, provide your customers the ease of accepting different payment options. Experts at HPS-Worldwide.com also suggest using an omnichannel that allows the processing of different payments coming from different channels. Using such a payment solution helps cover the entire payment value chain by enabling innovative solutions.

4. Implement BOPIS Solutions

Buy online, pick up in-store, or BOPIS solution is a win-win solution for retailers and customers alike. Also known as click-and-collect, these solutions provide a hybrid experience of in-store and online shopping. With a convenient online ordering platform that provides in-store pickup services, customers can place their orders online and collect their orders later from the physical store. Companies use BOPIS as a part of their omnichannel retail strategy to grow their sales. In fact, studies have shown that nearly 59% of consumers prefer BOPIS-type shopping options.

5. In-store Promotions

Although in-store promotions are no new concept in the retail world, incorporating these events by integrating them with new technological solutions can improve the results. For instance, offering frequent discount offers during an in-store event can increase foot traffic and sales. Thus, organizations should also invest in in-store promotions.

Final Thoughts

While the trend of online shopping has skyrocketed over the past few years, it doesn’t mean it has reduced the need for brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, companies should continuously strive to provide a more efficient and comfortable shopping experience to their customers. Besides, introducing the latest technological solutions to in-store operations will only bring more visitors.