6 Conversations to Have with Your Partner Before It Gets Serious

How you want to bring up your kids, your nighttime routine, what color scheme you want for your wedding day are not topics you can have on the first date. However, by the time the relationship is getting serious, some conversations are vital to discuss. So, if you have been dating and your relationship is getting more serious. The conversations below are for you and your partner. As you read on is vital communication you need to have with your partner.

1. Talk about sex 

You may have had sex a million times as you are dating, as is the norm today. It does not mean you know what your partner likes, wants, and expects in bed, and it is best to find out if your relationship is getting serious. According to experts, sexual compatibility can make or break your relationship as a couple. Maybe you are afraid of telling her she intimidates you by how often she wants sex, or you have a fetish you always want to share. Therefore, be open and non-judgmental during the sex discussion of how you can improve your sex life, more so learning of the “pleasure button” that’s located near the top of the vulva, types of orgasms, among other things.

2. The communication conversation 

It is vital to talk about how best to communicate even though you are not yet mad at each other. Once you understand your communication styles, particularly when they want to talk about something bothering them will help prevent a big blow-up later. Also, it is best to look back at a recent quarrel and see how both of you handled the situation. Who choose to speak up the minute there was a misunderstanding? Did you or your partner feel that you need time to process your emotions before the discussion? Understanding and knowing this information is vital to handle future conflicts.

3. The infidelity chat

It is easy to define infidelity. But it may be different from what your partner thinks. Thus, do not take the thoughts of your partner on cheating for granted. Chat with them and be on the same page. Discuss this matter personally and in-depth since you are moving your relationship to the next phase. So before one of you gets hurt, figure out what your relationship feels infidelity is as each relationship has boundaries and is different. For instance, online flirting may seem fine for lack of physical interaction, but your partner thinks it is cheating.

4. The bills discussion 

You may have never talked explicitly about money but have a vague idea of how much your partner makes. Also, if there is a likelihood the two of you may end up co-owning a house, sharing a bank account, the discussion on finances is crucial. Financial experts believe the best starting point is to share how best both of you managed your money while you were on your own. Also, it is a good idea to decide which partner is the overall financial manager to keep the other one informed.

5. Talk about your upbringing 

Ask your partner to share about their childhood, and you share yours as well. You can love someone from a different religious or cultural background, and in most cases, the different upbringings can prove to be a challenge. Both of you can be from nearly identical upbringings but have developed different values. So, talk about your values when your relationship starts to get serious. As part of this, be open and honest about the role family plays in your lives and how best you wish to handle any in-laws’ issues.

6. The fuss about the future

The fuss about the future

It is seriously anxiety-provoking thinking of what lies ahead of you. But, if you intend to be in a more serious relationship. It is vital to have a conversation about what each of you envisions as a future together. Talk about further studies, is one of you planning to quit their job and travel, are you both interested in wanting children, among other things. No one likes surprises, three or four years in the relationship. Therefore, ensure you cover all possibilities for the future.