6 Ways to Minimize Dog Shedding

The beauty of a dog is sometimes in its coat, so everyone wants a beautiful and healthy dog with smooth hair. But what happens when our dogs begin to shed some hair? We don’t only have more mess to clean up, but we also worry about the health of our cute dogs and start to look for solutions. It is in our quest for solutions that we stumble on blog posts like this. So, here are six practical ways to minimize dog shedding.

  1. Regular Bathing
    You never know how effective giving your pet a regular bath can be. To minimize dog shedding, I recommend that you get your dog used to bathing because regular bathing can hydrate your dog’s fur to produce healthier follicles. You should ensure to use the right shampoo and make bathing a fun and healthy routine for you and your pet. You may want to check https://petsho.com/ for everything you need to give your dog a good bathe.
  2. Balanced Diet
    Your dog might be shedding because of an inadequate diet. Get a dog feed that is rich in all the vitamins and minerals to ensure that your dog’s coat benefits from it. You can also get supplements that contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps reduces shedding.
  3.  Grooming
    You have to brush your dog’s coat regularly to make sure that the oils in your dog’s skin are evenly distributed. When you brush your dog frequently, you will notice that the natural sheen of your dog’s furs is retained while the excess and old hair is removed. These are what your dog will benefit from proper grooming. But if you not sure of the right brush to use in grooming your dog, you can try out different brushes till you know the one that is best for your dog.
  4. Use the Dryer
    After giving your dog a good bath, it’s only right that you dry him up. I recommend using a useful pet dryer to dry your dog up completely. It’s way faster and easier to get him all dried up with the pet dryer. Don’t ever substitute a pet dryer with a hairdryer. It would never end well.
  5.  Enough Water
    Just like humans, dogs need lots and lots of water to get a healthy body. Water does not only moisturize the skin, but it also stops excessive shedding. So, get your dog to drink enough clean water. And don’t forget to change your dog’s water at least once a day.
  6. See a Veterinarian
    Whenever your dog starts having any symptoms of shedding, consult a veterinarian if you think that your dog is shedding excessively. You don’t have to play with your dog’s health, so make sure you visit or consult a veterinarian as soon as you notice the symptoms. If not, you may be putting your dog in harm’s way.

While this list was put together to minimize shedding, it doesn’t necessarily end dog shedding. Dog shedding is natural, but if it is excessive, it calls for immediate effect. So, minimize shedding and have your healthy pet snuggle up with you once again.