All We Need To Know About CBD Products

Having moved literally every trimester of my life and currently in our 3rd country I have met my fair share of people, some nice others who need prayer for their personalities, but it came as a shock to me when we landed in Europe just how small the world is.

Our life stuffed into 4 overweight and oversized Antarctica duffel bags, a screaming kid strapped in a pram, and exhaustion taking over every inch of our bodies, we flopped down into plastic chairs arranged around a small table and ordered 2 double espressos. We had made it. Again.

I said to my husband, who looked wearily at me through tired eyes, that I couldn’t believe that of all the people we had been seated next to on a plane across the world, my ‘partner’ had just discovered in the past few months CBD oil.

The shock wasn’t that she had found it, but more than this being our umpteenth trip I was drawn to yet another person who had CBD in their lives, 3rd country and second continent in a row (2nd country was on an island, but that’s a tale for another day).

CBD was global and yet so many were unaware of it – find out more about it here, and I decided then that I needed to make a change, or better yet, be the change (thanks Mahatma Gandhi). But it was so true if everyone waited for the next person to make a move when would the world evolve?

How we found CBD

It was on my husband’s 40th birthday, he woke up and the first thing he said was, ‘my back hurts’, I wasn’t sure if this was my queue to start singing happy birthday but I opted not to just in case. He said it felt like his body knew it was older and had hit a milestone and was letting him know things would not be the same from here on out.

I felt bad, I didn’t want my hubby to be in pain never mind feeling like it’s all going to be a struggle in our ‘golden’ years, so being the researcher that I am I began surfing the web. I came across a word several times and looked into it, what was this CBD oil everyone was talking about?

We soon found out it is a natural remedy for all things aching in our bodies, with no chemicals and pharmaceutical hands being all over it we were going for it. I ordered a few products online, for us and the dogs and began our CBD chapter.

After a few weeks, we noticed significant changes and the rest is history let’s say. There are so many wonderful success stories out there which you can watch if you click here, the world is becoming a better place, and there is less pain and stress in the human race.

Knowing that CBD was working for us, and having done more homework on its safety and uses for dogs, we began a program and cycle to implement it into our aging furry friend’s diet.

Two weeks later we noticed he had more energy, wasn’t laying around like a lump all the time, and what sealed the deal for us was a surprising comment from our vet stating that he was in better shape than he had been for years.

We knew he was different, he had little to zero inflammation in his joints compared to before, and no longer need pain medication prescriptions added to his nutritional plan. We were over the moon and the main reason we rave about it to anyone we meet or who comes in our home. If you are curious to know the benefits of CBD oil for animals, you can click here.

The variety of options in adding it to your pet’s meals are also a blessing, so many choices and you soon begin getting creative with your recipes and meal choices.

To see a range that might interest you go to this site and browse what’s available on the market, and if you have been thinking about CBD but not made the decision yet, this may just be the helping hand you need to take that initial step on your CBD journey.

Give your family and your furry family members the quality of life they deserve.