Are You Prepared for the AI and Robotic Revolution?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are inching their way to several areas in work, business and our lives in general. While the rest of the world has yet to really feel the effects of AI, it will not take too long before it becomes a daily – and ordinary – part of our lives. AI’s progress is not readily palpable – in fact, people are already using and benefiting from AI even without being aware of it. But that progress is definitely steady, and we have already seen lots of amazing innovations driven by this technology. There is no way for AI to turn back.  One prime example is using it in contract management. Large corporations sign hundreds of deals every day. It takes teams of people to make sure that the conditions are met, and even then, mistakes are made. It isn’t the same with AI technology. It knows how to identify a breach of contract. It immediately flags noncompliance, so during your monthly review, you can easily spot under performers. With AI’s help, you can break or renew contracts with ease. Think about the time and money saved from the AI integration in contracts. How much more is the rest of your operations?

It means one sure thing: that AI is here and will change business and life as we know it.


The question is, are people ready for the AI and robotic revolution? While everyone has seen robots mostly from blockbuster sci-fi films or casually heard of “artificial intelligence”, how will AI and robotics impact people in real-life situations? As artificial intelligence is changing the way people live and do business in a breakneck pace, this leaves many people feeling like they are struggling to keep pace with its developments and innovations.

Therefore, people want to learn which books (and other sources) that will help them to understand the AI and robotics revolution, realize its impact and significance and plan for the AI-driven world in the near future.

One of the sources we are recommending you to read is Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution. It explores the history, current technologies, and implications of AI and robotics in our daily lives today and in the future.

 There is no way for artificial intelligence to go but forward. As it is on its way to becoming a full-blown technology a few years from now, it is important to know and understand its benefits and risks. Just like the “emerging” technologies of the past, artificial intelligence raises hopes and high expectations as well as questions, doubts and fears.

 In Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution, authors Noel Jerke and Grayson Jerke deliver information and insights that you need to know, understand and embrace artificial intelligence and robotics. The e-book aims to arm everyone with sufficient knowledge about AI and shares helpful tips to survive (and thrive in) the looming AI and robotic revolution, whether people have accepted its presence into their lives or they aren’t ready for it, just yet.

 This e-book covers some of the following topics:

  • The definition of AI and its advantages and disadvantages
  • The history and development of AI
  • Why AI matters and why people should pay attention to it
  • The real-world uses and benefits of AI
  • The possible risks and dangers of AI
  • AI’s impact on jobs and employment – how it is eliminating some jobs but is creating others
  • AI’s impact on society and culture
  • The current AI market – this includes the major AI players and the promising AI startups
  • Helpful suggestions on how to make yourself and your career “AI-proof”; and many more.

 Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution aims to make artificial intelligence work for everyone, even those who have apprehensions towards it.

 This fascinating e-book impressively manages to cover some of the more challenging aspects of artificial intelligence. While it discusses the advantages of AI, this e-book doesn’t shy away from the not-so-savory realities of it. For example, it can threaten our personal safety and security if it lands on the wrong hands. It can also pave the way to new medical biases and even put the lives of the patients at risk if the systems go wrong. After all, technology has some bad implications. And AI is not without some problems, especially if it is not designed responsibly.

However, the overall tone of this e-book is pretty much optimistic. It aims to make the reader understand what artificial intelligence is, and what it will mean to humans, without leading them to picture a gloom-and-doom dystopian fantasy. It also discusses the widespread use of artificial intelligence across various industries and sectors, as well as the major AI companies and the most promising AI startups – the race to AI is stiff and fierce. That will leave one to guess which of these companies will come up with the most revolutionary AI breakthroughs.

Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution implicates that artificial intelligence is going to have a great and positive impact across many sectors and in our society, as long as it is developed sensibly, responsibly and with the people’s well-being in mind. While the e-book highlights the merits of artificial intelligence and emphasizes its life-changing impact in the future, it assures the readers that there are many areas that it cannot replace or replicate – such as human empathy, creativity and problem-solving skills, among others.

The prospects for artificial intelligence are undoubtedly exciting – but anyone should guard themselves with skills and knowledge to enjoy its potentials and avoid some of its pitfalls at the same time. And this is what this e-book sets out to do.  Be sure to learn more at as well!