Can IREX Video Surveillance System Defeat Coronavirus?

Manufacturers of IREX CCTV systems are rapidly evolving in the fight against the spread of coronavirus performing person quarantine verification.

Thus, new smart video surveillance solutions can quickly identify infected people, take steps to isolate them, and provide full public safety during the pandemic. Camera captured people are recognized by being compared with those added to the “quarantine list”. The list, in its turn, obtained by the State and consists of citizens who have visited the countries with confirmed cases of infection.

Public Security Solutions

In public places, such as transport facilities or stadiums, IREX video surveillance systems can assess crowds to determine whether people are standing in line correctly, evaluating safe social distancing set by the standards.

This is an innovative technology known as thermal camera detection. And if a person reaches another closer than one and a half meters, there will also be a security alert. If desired, the thermal camera may also be equipped with additional thermal sensors, which will detect people’s temperature and identify potentially infected individuals. IREX thermal ip camera works perfectly regardless of the local features and weather conditions when people wear:

  1. glasses
  1. hoods
  1. high collars
  1. medical masks

The sensitivity of sensors is adaptable to poor weather conditions, low illumination, and offers a wide range of viewing angles.  In this sense, the mask is simply one of the specific conditions to which the biometric system is ready.

Finally, the function is also in demand due to the ability to detect undesirable situations by video surveillance systems.  For example, things left unattended in public areas, fights or conflicts between people, or other various emergency incidents. Additionally, IREX provided a software complex with a computer vision algorithm, which prevents fires at gas stations.

Office Control

Office video surveillance solutions are intended to significantly reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Until recent days, most of the methods to identify employees in the company were related to the physical touch of a person. They were:

  1. access cards
  1. fingerprints
  1. typing different digital codes

However, due to the pandemic, such systems are associated with an additional risk of infection: a person who enters the office by applying a card or a finger to the reader might leave an opportunity for infection of another employee.

The IREX contactless video surveillance system can prevent this easily. An employee approaches the camera, if his/her face is recognized automatically, then the passage would open.

Additional Coronavirus Safety Measures

The IREX facial recognition network including thermal camera fever detection now plays a key role in combating the coronavirus proliferation. They are installed in courtyards, entrances, metro stations, parks, schools, clinics, shopping and construction sites, and in government buildings as well. The following tasks are defined:

  1. detect quarantine violators
  1. identify those who neglect protection
  1. minimize direct contact

The system can identify a person,  gender, and age. It can also help law enforcement authorities to arrest criminals and to trace the route of their movement around the city. Additionally, it will select the necessary video recordings from different surveillance cameras, identifying the suspect on video.

The facial recognition function works online, and the whole process of detection takes a few seconds. If the algorithm detects a person whose face is loaded into the database, it will send an alert to the law-enforcement agencies.  You can also consider other great security options like as well.