Smallest Mammals In The World

Smallest Mammals In The World

All creatures, big and small, have their own innate characteristics, traits and abilities to survive. For instance, smaller mammals have their own special capabilities and advantages which are different to their bigger counterparts. They can burrow into the smaller holes and crevasses that bigger animals can’t manage. Their tiny bodies enable them … Read more

Largest Creatures on the Planet

Largest Creatures on the Planet

Planet Earth is full of creatures of many sizes — short and tall, big and small. Here in this list we focus on the largest creatures of their own kind. Some of them are bigger than humans or even houses and large ships! Next to the saltwater crocodile, the Nile crocodile is … Read more

Interesting Facts About Flowers

Interesting Facts About Flowers | Did You Know Science

Apart from the amazing range of appearance and color, there are far more interesting things you should know about flowers! Keep on clicking to discover the more fascinating facts about blooms… Although that “magic” has yet to be proven, the lady’s mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) has otherwise long been used as a medicinal … Read more

Hottest Places On Earth

Hottest places on earth

People in many parts of the world welcome and glorify the arrival of summer after all those wintry months. But imagine this… would they still be enjoying the heat if they were in one of the extremely sizzling places on Earth? We list down the ten hottest and driest places on Earth … Read more

Coldest Places On Earth

Coldest places on earth

Our planet Earth is not bereft of extremes, including extremes in temperature. Some regions are frighteningly cold compared to other places which are extremely hot. These cold extremes make it severely difficult for people to lead regular day-to-day lives (unless the cold never bothered you anyway). Here are the places with the … Read more

Amazing Facts About the Honey Bee

Amazing Facts About the Honey Bee

Here in this gallery you will find lots of interesting things about honey bees. They are more than just occupants of their own hives and the source of our honey. Honey bees have amazing, extraordinary abilities, and they can also be like us humans in a way. How is that so? Check … Read more

The Queen’s Empire

The Queen's Empire

The foundation of an empire It is a dark and stormy night in the desert of Arizona. It is the perfect night for a tale of a rise to power. Our story begins when a small, honey ant queen lands after a mating flight in a spot she thinks is a good … Read more