Copper Silver Ionization Technology – Benefits for the Health of Our Community

Potable water treatment for home drinking use can be accomplished using copper and silver ion technology. In this article I will explore the benefits and drawbacks of using these technologies for safe potable water treatment. Copper is one of the most abundant metals in our environment, and it is very useful as a natural solvent for dissolving other metals. Potable water treatment systems are designed to use the properties of copper to eliminate contaminants.

Potable water treatment systems use one or more of several technologies to transform the water into a potable form. These technologies include:

  • Copper and silver ionization
  • Carbon and catalytic absorption
  • Microwaves and ultraviolet light
  • Ultrasonic and radar
  • Biological and electro population


  • Copper and silver ionization can meet your needs. However, they have some disadvantages. The greatest disadvantage of copper-based disinfection is that it removes trace minerals from the water. Your body requires certain essential minerals to be healthy. Without those minerals in your water systems, you may experience health problems. It is important to note that copper-based disinfection is the most commonly used technology for the removal of pathogenic microorganisms in water systems.
  • A variety of studies have shown that drinking water systems containing significant levels of ions or copper are safe for human consumption. The only problem is that people do not feel that those ions are good for them. For example, people feel that drinking water treatment with copper silver ionization process is safer because the levels of ions are much lower compared to other technologies such as reverse osmosis. However, in reality, those ions are still very high.
  • In addition, researchers have found out that the presence of copper ions reduces the efficiency of other types of technologies. For example, when chlorine is used as an ionization process. The presence of the ions reduces the efficiency of this method. Another drawback is the cost of using this particular technology. Not all facilities can afford to install the ionization process due to its expensive installation.
  • However, ionized water treatment with the use of non-metallic resources like the copper has been proven to be safer than the metallic ones. Non-metallic water treatment technology uses the concept of electrical conductivity. The presence of negatively charged copper and silver ions are reduced when the electric current passes through it. Then, the water ions are attached to the negatively charged parts of the electric conductor. Thus, it forms positive charges which are then absorbed by the target area.


  • According to researchers, drinking water containing the copper-silver ionisation technique has a lot of health benefits. It is said to improve your immune system and help you prevent cancer. It is also said to reduce stress and anxiety. The most surprising thing about the technique is that the results are seen only after a long period of usage. This means that the benefits are not seen right away. However, we can conclude that ionized water drinking supplies a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  • Another great benefit of the technique is that it does not affect the quality of the potable water. Since the negative ions are replaced by the positivity from the positivity generators, the original quality of the potable water remains unchanged. It means that the copper and silver ionisation can actually boost the durability of our potable water.
  • The good thing about using the technique to eliminate harmful elements in drinking water is that we do not need to consume the said elements. The water can be consumed directly or be used for other purposes. For instance, you can use the water as a cleaner and cleanser for your vegetables and fruits. This way, the copper and silver ionisation will not have any negative effects on the environment.
  • It also protects us against certain forms of cancer. Potable water is considered to be the most accessible source of food for those living on this planet. To eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals in drinking water, the use of the technique makes sense. This is the reason why many researchers and experts are highly recommending the use of the technique for the safety of the potable water.

It is a fact that water treatment through ionisation is a good method to purify the water and maintain its quality. There are other techniques and ways aside from this one such as carbon filtration and reverse osmosis that is being used. However, this technique is still more effective than any of the other methods. In addition to that, the use of the two substances, copper and silver, is very helpful in water disinfection. Using ionization technology, CSI Defender’s Copper Silver Ionization controls the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Pathogenic microorganisms are usually present in water sources. Water systems are under significant daily stress, as pollution, storm runoff, and chemical treatment can affect them. Ionized copper compounds are used to protect such water sources from the effects of these factors. Copper is readily available in water so it is safe to use, however it needs to be ionized.