Express Accounts vs MYOB Essentials

Much job has been done on the comparison of Express Accounts and MYOB Essentials in the past and would still be carried out in the nearest future. 

One thing to be known is that both have their centralized area of expertise and should not be considered equal. Businesses have different requirements, the essence of this comparison is to fully utilize which is best for sustaining your business growth. 

To start with, what are both and their respective functions? 

What is Express Accounts? 

Express Account is a professional business accounting software. perfect for small businesses simple bookkeeping. It is used to document incoming and outgoing cash flow. Record receipts, payments, and purchases of products and services. It helps you to understand how your business is doing with real-time balance and reports. See here to get myob exo for your business.

Allows you to prepare your tax returns and financial reports as quickly as possible. It also allows you to easily mail your accountants directly. It also helps you to track your business growth with the aid of income sheets and balance statements properly made. 

It is most suitable for small-scale businesses with less than 15 employees, corporations, freelancers, and startups.  There are options of free trial and to choose from its paid services which are Express Accounts Plus at $99 and Express Accounts Basic at $79 one-time purchase price. 


  • Fixed assets management.
  • Tax management.
  • Billing and invoicing.
  • Tracking of expenses.
  • Records recurring orders and invoices. 
  • Easily generates 20 financial reports.
  • Analyze sales by customer, agents, or items. 
  • Manage payable accounts and pay bills. 
  • Generate purchase and sales orders, quotes, and invoices. 
  • Works on Windows and Mac. 

What is MYOB Essentials 

MYOB Essentials is a professional online accounting software built to help growing businesses with essential accounting and payroll processes. It helps in the proper and concise management of business finances with features ranging from invoicing, expense management, and billing. MYOB essentials are available in Australia and New Zealand. 

MYOB Essentials avail users the option of online invoicing and receipts collection, automated invoice reminders that track if customers have opened your invoice. It also allows you to receive payment directly from your invoices. 

It is cloud-hosted and can be accessed anywhere and anytime with ample security for your data and information. 

MYOB has four different packages users can choose from apart from free trials. They are: 

  • Essentials Payroll costing $10 per month. 
  • Accounting Starter with a monthly cost price of $27. 
  • Accounting with a monthly subscription plan of $48 
  • Accounting plus Payroll with a renewable cost of $60 per month. 

All with different services and processes. 


  • Invoicing.
  • Single Touch Payroll.
  • Automatic Tax calculation. 
  • Mobile management of timesheet and payslip. 
  • Easily track Bills and expenses.
  • Allows suppliers to send bills directly to your account. 
  • Automatic imports of banking and credit card transactions. 
  • Automated Payment Updates.
  • Automated invoice reminders.
  • Professional-looking invoices and quotes. 
  • Automated GST calculation. 
  • Allows payment through credit card and BPAY. 
  • Easily creates dozens of reports. 
  • Ability to access performance and cash flow over time. 
  • Allows you to set spending limits. 
  • Works on all devices. 


Both platforms are different and offer distinctive services which sometimes overlap. 

What you should look out for is the applicability of any software programs for your required needs and if previous users are satisfied with the services it offers.