How Cannabis Retailers Can Embrace Technology

Cannabis retail has come a long way since its legalization in the country. The pandemic has pushed it further, with a boom in demand in the lockdown phase. Retailers have bigger and better opportunities now, but they also have more competition to face. If you want to win in the domain, embracing technology is not a choice. Innovative solutions can help your business in more than one way, from enhancing customer experience to ensuring compliance, improving safety, and more. Let us highlight some ways for retailers to embrace technology to take their cannabis business a notch higher.

Build a robust e-commerce presence

The pandemic has shifted focus on e-commerce as customers prioritize online ordering and delivery. Even as the virus is under control, safety remains a top concern for buyers and retailers. Building a robust e-commerce presence is essential for modern dispensaries. You may have a website and delivery operations already, but it makes sense to reassess them. Ensure that you have a good-looking site with easy navigation to deliver the best online shopping experience to customers. A viable digital marketing plan is equally crucial to stay visible and get traffic. Likewise, you require seamless delivery operations to ensure customer satisfaction and retention for the long haul.

Ensure safe in-store experiences

Retail technology can go a long way in ensuring a safe in-store experience. When your customers return for in-store shopping, they will expect you to go the extra mile with their safety. Think beyond limiting the crowds and enforcing social distancing inside the dispensary. Those starting a new business can go through to understand the need of the hour. Even if you have an established business, you must consider ramping up shopping experiences with digital solutions. For example, a POS solution can help prevent queuing and crowding at the billing counters.

Double up on digital signage

The use of digital displays is another growing tech trend among cannabis retailers. You can use them in-store and outdoors to attract attention, pull the crowds, and help shoppers navigate the dispensary. You can take the system a notch higher with inventory integration. It lets you deliver real-time information about the products available in-store. Digital signage can display in-stock products, pricing lists, daily deals and discounts, and safety information. The best part is that they enhance the shopping experience beyond imagination as buyers get more than they expect.

Stay ahead of compliance

Running a cannabis business also requires you to stay ahead on the compliance front. Since cannabis retail is a highly-regulated domain, you have to follow the state regulations to be on the right side of the law. You can rely on solutions like a retail POS to ensure compliance. It enables you to track your daily sales, stay informed about inventory levels, and store reporting data according to requirements. You can use the information to maintain a complete audit history for your business.

Embracing technology for your cannabis retail business can give you a winning advantage. Just make sure you know the trends and stay ahead of them.