How To Choose The Right Promotional Product

Promoting a lazy product can turn out to be the only thing you need to reel in those sales through the roof. The same goes for launching a new product, promotion is key. But other than setting a working strategy in place, it’s important to choose a promotional product that will connect with your customers emotionally. Right? Except you are based in australia and looking for the best provider for awesome promotional products in australia, read on while I show you exactly how to choose the right promotional product for your campaign.

Tip 1; Know Your Audience

You’ve probably heard the cliche “know thyself” enough for a lifetime. What is rather obvious in the day to day activities of a marketer which you may not have heard someone quote is “your brand is an image of your customers”. Yes, read that again. So, it makes sense to choose a promotional product that does not only represent your brand and niche but that also connects with your customers. Suppose you were in the educational industry and your business is about selling educational materials to high school students, a custom, classic school bag that aligns with the lifestyle of high school kids would be a better choice over, say something like a custom towel. Get the logic now? Great. Also, as you would be targeting two sets of audiences namely; your potential customers and the existing ones, it makes sense to design two distinct promotional products for the two parties. On one side, you’re making an invitation. On the flip side, you’ve got a reminder. To invite more customers, giving them clinton cards and other greeting cards is also a good idea.

Tip 2; Branding That Connects

The other day, there was this trending story about a company’s promotional success that was massive in ROI, thanks to creative branding. The company sells men’s wears. On the sample of the new shirt introduced was imprinted “Men Get The World Going” in very simple but clear typography. Can you come up with something close to or better than that other than just telling the designer guy to imprint your logo all over the place? You get it now? Also, pay attention to the color and the design of your branding on the chosen promotion product or package.

Tip 3; Make A Difference

Spying on your competitors, the successful ones who have made success with their promotions on a similar product, is great. You have a blueprint of a working strategy in hand. Right? But a little tweak can make a whole lot of difference. If your competitor goes for a ball pen to promote a new office notepad, go for something better without breaking your budget into pieces. And by something better, I don’t mean what you think is better but what you know your audience will appreciate over what your competitors have done.

Tip 4; Consider Your Dispensation Location

This is no brainer. If you’re dispensing those freebies on the company’s ground, transportation cost shouldn’t bother you. Right? So, a bulky promotion product may be okay to opt for in that case. On the other hand, if you were self-delivering to your customers’ front door or at a trade show, opting for the lighter products would do you a whole lot good.