More People Are Choosing Oral Nicotine Products Instead of Cigarettes

A recent study on youth smoking by the University of Michigan revealed that smoking among young adults dropped to an all-time low of 2.3%, which is a significant decrease from nearly 23% in 2000. Moreover, youth vaping also dropped to 13.3% in 2021 from its 2019 peak of 18.1%. Researchers believe public health initiatives that discuss the impacts of smoking contributed to this change.

These public health initiatives contain information on the negative health effects of smoking, not only on one’s respiratory system but also on their oral health. Our previous article ‘Smoke Gets in Your Teeth’ explained how smoking also leads to numerous dental problems, such as teeth stains, bad breath, the inflammation of gums, and the diminished ability to taste food. With these health hazards, alternatives to tobacco products are starting to become popular among young people.

Why Are Oral Nicotine Products Popular Among Younger People?

A NBC News survey found that flavored chewing gum, lozenges, gummies, and other tobacco-free oral products, like nicotine pouches, were the second most popular nicotine items among 3,500 young adults in the US.

Among the oral products available today, nicotine pouches are one of the most popular types of smoke-and tobacco-free products because they come in small white sachets, which are easy to use and dispose of. Unlike smoking cigarettes, users can discreetly place them under the upper lip for up to an hour, where the pouch will release its nicotine and flavor content efficiently. The accessibility to choose and buy VELO nicotine pouches online also made it attractive for younger tech-savvy customers. Just by browsing online, people can select products with varying nicotine strengths and unique flavors, like dragon fruit, wintergreen, coffee, and black cherry. Moreover, what makes nicotine pouches preferable to cigarettes is that it doesn’t leave teeth stains and will even help freshen the breath.

Another famous oral nicotine product is the nicotine lozenge. Commit nicotine lozenges are similar to hard candy, which users slowly suck until its nicotine content is released and absorbed through the lining of the mouth. These lozenges come in different sizes and flavors, such as cherry, mint, and cinnamon, which can cater to various user preferences. Apart from the taste, the discreet look and usage of lozenges also made it popular among young people.

Today, more than 3% of the NBC survey respondents claimed that they had tried oral nicotine products before, and nearly 2% said they had done so in the last six months. The study also found that oral nicotine products are more prevalent among people who are previous e-cigarette or cigarette users. Researchers behind the survey speculated that the resemblance of these products to well-known sugary gummies and lozenges is why young people nowadays prefer oral nicotine products over traditional cigarettes.

The Future of Oral Nicotine Products

As more young adults become conscious of their health, the use of oral nicotine products is projected to grow in the coming years. Apart from health-consciousness, its discreet nature, various flavors, and ease of purchase will contribute to the increasing popularity of these tobacco-free alternatives.