NEO Cryptocurrency Price Prediction And Forecast 2022 – 2030

The NEO cryptocurrency was launched in 2014. The main goal was to establish a product with which it was possible to digitize the real economy. Based on the AntShares blockchain, a user can digitize any asset from the real world through tokens and subsequently carry out operations with them.

The project has become popular in China, and it has even been named “Chinese Ethereum”. The project became so popular that its creators decided to carry out an ICO and raise funds to further improve and complete the NEO project. NEO token allows for digitizing any assets from the real world in the future. Such a tokenization system should become the foundation for the future innovative economy. As of September 2022, the Neo cryptocurrency price is $9.38.

Features of NEO

Advantages of NEO coin

  • High transaction speed and no mining expenses.
  • Building smart contracts and support for popular programming languages.
  • Work in the real sector.

NEO Disadvantages

  • Lack of privacy. The future “smart economy” implies the identification of all its participants.
  • The centralized platform management system – NEO, does not fit into the main concept of crypto assets – decentralization.
  • NEO is popular in China, but it is little known in Europe. Since operations with cryptocurrency are completely prohibited in China, the question of popularizing it and working in accordance with any agreements with the authorities is still open.

NEO Cryptocurrency Price

Based on the previous price fluctuations, experts draw a NEO crypto price prediction for the end of 2022 of around $18,85; for 2025 – $32,60 and for January 2030 – $206,95. However, before being allured by attractive price forecasts, we strongly recommend conducting your own project analysis, for investments are always connected with risks. If you decide to possess this coin, check out the WhiteBIT exchange.