Smart Inventions You Might Be Unaware of

Researchers and scientists all over the world are working every day to make our lives healthier, safer, and more comfortable. Invention and innovation are the two very significant elements for the growth and development of society. 

A lot of new and innovative products on the market have enhanced the standard of life and gave us a new perspective to look at life and this world. Many researchers and scientists have done wonders in medicine and technology to help society and improve the quality of life. 

Various organizations have gone through advanced digital modifications in the last few years in which invention and innovation have a dominant role to play. New digital potentials and facilities are being actively researched and developed. 

We all know what an impactful year 2020 has proved to be for mankind and the environment, which is why this year carries many of our expectations. While we are still in its first quarter, 2021 is on the path to change the world with its major inventions. With this article, we intend to inform you about all the smart inventions out there that you might be unaware of. 

1. LiDAR Taking Over the Driver’s Seat

Have you ever heard of self-driving cars? These cars seem to be a thing of the future, but they will soon become a historical invention. Self-driving cars are geared up to take over the automobile industry and restructure it entirely. In the upcoming years, you will be seeing driverless cars moving all around you. 

But if humans are not driving, then who is in the driver’s seat? There are various kinds of technologies that help the vehicle to drive autonomously, but there are so many other concerns that arise in a driverless car. And this is where LiDAR systems come in. 

LiDAR is a rotating device that is installed on top of an autonomous vehicle or its bonnet. It delivers a 360-degree picture of the surroundings to the vehicle, which allows it to drive safely. There are several advantages of a LiDAR system, such as its remarkable precision in understanding depth, which helps it learn the distance to a point, up to 60 meters away. 

The 3D representation is also another big advantage of LiDAR, which can help the cars regulate the distance between other vehicles around them. This allows them to control the brakes to avoid any accidents.

2. Quantum Computing 

We have been hearing this term a lot from the past few years, but not many people know what quantum computing actually is. In short, it is something that could reshape the world. Many companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Google are in the race to develop reliable quantum computers. 

Ordinary computers perform their functions by using bits, whereas quantum computers use qubits. 

Quantum chips are not meant for your laptop or smartphone. Quantum computers have been under development since forever. The reason they took so long to arrive is that they are extremely sensitive to interference. Due to their extreme sensitivity, they require complete isolation from any electrical interference and a temperature near to absolute zero. 

The best quantum computers have about 50 qubits, which makes them exceptionally powerful but also unreliable due to their sensitivity to interference. 

3. Metal 3D Printing is Accessible Now

Metal 3D Printer is transforming the world really fast by introducing a different and efficient way to create parts of larger objects. The parts made by these printers can be produced faster with lower cost and lesser effort than traditional manufacturing processes.

There are various 3D printing technologies available to construct metal parts with the help of additive manufacturing. The choice of the technologies and materials used for metal 3D printing depends on the project you are working on. Each material used in metal 3D printing has mechanical properties of its own. 

The two technologies used for 3D printing are Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), which are both additive manufacturing processes. Both these technologies scan and selectively melt the metal powder particles with the help of a laser that welds them together, resulting in the production of a small part. The metals welded together are present in the form of granules. 

The metal parts printed using these printers have higher strength, hardness, and flexibility than the parts manufactured by traditional methods. 

4. Artificial Embryos are a Real Thing

Almost everybody has studied in their science class about human reproduction and how it works. The sperm of male and egg of female come together, and that’s where it all begins.  Scientists have developed cells that match the earliest stage of human embryos. These synthetic embryos are referred to as “blastoids.”

Scientists took normal skin cells and transformed them into a living bundle that was similar to fertilized human egg at the earliest stage of embryo development. The artificial embryo the scientists engineered can only show the development during the first four days after the fertilization of an egg and cannot transform the embryo into a conceivable baby. 

Even though they could not go past the blastocyst stage, the models are as similar as they can get to an early human embryo. This new technology can help understand the first days of pregnancy, including infertility or pregnancy loss. 


5. Smart Homes

Smart homes are a set of automatic appliances and devices installed in your house to provide convenience and ease in everyday life. This system can be automatically controlled by a remote control that can either be your mobile phone or other networked devices from any place with an internet connection. 

The appliances or devices in a smart home setup are linked with each other through the internet, which enables them to take hold of the functions. For example, security access to the home, temperature, lighting, music, TV, doors, and other appliances. The user can control the whole system through a networked device like a smartphone, laptop, etc., and make any changes or create schedules according to their need. 

The smart home system has the ability to learn the owner’s schedules, patterns, and functions. Smart home appliances can prove really beneficial for the users in many ways:

  • They can control the lighting of your house that can help you save electricity.
  • Smart doorbells can help you see and speak with people who visit your house even when you are away. 
  • They can detect any sort of motion in the house while you are away and call the police or the fire department if something goes wrong.

6. A Refrigerator that does it All

Samsung just released the latest version of their Bespoke refrigerator that provides customized food storage and management. The latest Bespoke 4-Door Flex model consists of panels that can be changed and are also available in various colors.  

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator is capable of making regular cubed ice as well as customized ice with the help of its Dual Auto Ice Maker. 

To read more about it, click here

7. Artificial Intelligence is On the Rise

When a computer or computer-controlled robot carries out certain tasks related to human intelligence, we refer to it as Artificial Intelligence. This term is usually referred to as the system that possesses intellectual characteristics of human beings, such as the ability to reason, form memories, or learn from past experiences. 

AI systems are intended to exhibit some of the human behaviors linked with intelligence, such as planning, learning, reasoning, applying knowledge, problem-solving, judgment, movement, and manipulation.

AI assists you in many day-to-day activities such as helping you with your next online purchase, identifying spam, or photo recognition. Machine learning and AI have been incorporated in businesses for their growth and development and to improve their services and products.

China is surpassing the US in Artificial Intelligence, raising the bar higher in terms of inventions, innovations, and advancements. The ventures that have witnessed the most unexpected improvements recently are autonomous vehicles and robotics.


Every day, we wake up and read about a new invention, innovation, or discovery because the world is moving too fast, and many people are working so hard to make this world a better place. If you want to live a convenient life, you need to know about a lot of these new inventions and innovations that can help you in your daily activities.