Strong Reasons Why Students Pay for Writing Their Research Papers

Thousands of students turn to research paper writing services each year to get expert assistance. The number is growing rapidly. Why do they do this?

There are various reasons why they choose to pay for research papers to be written online by professionals, for example, from CustomWritings. 

Let’s have a look at some of them. 

Reason #1 – Lack of Time 

Many students have part-time jobs to earn their living. So they need to combine their studies and a part-time job. That’s not an easy thing to do. 

No wonder they often lack time for completing home assignments and research papers. That’s why they opt for professional writing assistance. On average it can save them up to 3 hours per day. 

It makes sense they look for help with their papers online when the schedule is tight.  

Reason #2 – Insufficient Research Skills 

Research is the foundation of a winning paper. Ability to do in-depth research is one of the key factors for turning in a well-researched paper backed up with enough evidence. 

You need to be able to go beyond searching for relevant sources. You should analyze them, find strong arguments in them, and integrate them smoothly into your paper. 

Some students may lack skills to do proper research and leverage the results by interpreting the findings in a winning way in their assignments. 

That’s why they search for someone who can help them with their research papers. 

Reason #3 – Weak Writing Skills 

Let’s face it. Not everyone is a natural-born writer. And that’s totally fine. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Especially, if English is your second language, it may be very challenging for you to express your thoughts in a concise and clear manner in writing. 

Thus, a lot of foreign students turn their mind to pay online services for writing their research papers for them. 

Of course, students should understand that they need to use papers they get from such services as samples. It’s not ethical to submit them as your own papers though some students may be tempted by this idea. 

Reason #4 – Heavy Academic Load 

We all know how tough and crazy the academic load can be. It’s ok to write one essay in one week. It can be OK to submit 2-3 essays in one week. But what if you should submit 5 essays and 1 research paper within the same timeframe? 

That’s pretty much challenging and stressful, right? Even top students can get nervous facing such a kind of academic load. 

Sure thing, students start to look for a solution to this. As a result, the idea of purchasing a research paper may come to their mind.  

Reason #5 – Lack of Interest in the Discipline and Topic 

That’s a big problem. This is one of the main reasons students can consider the idea of teaming up with a professional research paper writer to turn in their assignment. 

They are simply not interested in completing it on their own. The discipline can be not their main qualification and priority. In the worst case, they may be doing the whole program just for the sake of getting a degree or certification. 

Reason #6 – Incomplete Understanding of Formatting Styles 

Is this APA? No, wait… It must be MLA. Or maybe Chicago? 

The truth is that for the majority of students all these formatting styles are puzzling and complicated. 

They may think “Why not use 1 style for citations and formatting all the time?” or “Why should I learn this formatting the hard way on my own?” 

That’s why they ask expert writers and editors to help them tailor their papers to the style they need. 

Reason #7 – Challenge of Putting Enough Clarity and Strong Arguments into the Paper

Convoluted and unclear language is the number enemy of good writing. Unfortunately, a lot of students fail to use clear words to bring enough clarity in their papers. 

As a result, their piece of writing starts to sound complicated and boring.  The attention of the readers drops down. They quit reading the paper and never read it to the end. 

On the other hand, writing can be thrilling and highlight the topic from a new perspective. Backing up all the claims with strong arguments and facts makes the whole paper well-thought and pleasant to read. 

Professional writers know how important these aspects are. They also use simple sentences to convey their ideas in a cohesive way. That’s why some students prefer to turn to their services. 

Reason #8 – Lack of Inspiration  

With a constant flow of assignments, it’s very easy to lose inspiration and motivation to write. The writer’s block is a very common issue among students. 

That’s why they opt for professional help to get fresh ideas on what to put in their own papers. 


This post has revealed the top 8 reasons why students are ready to pay for getting help with completing their research papers

If you’d like to consider online writing assistance, use it wisely. 

Don’t forget that these papers are crafted as samples to inspire students to accomplish their own assignments.