History of Optics

Dispersion of light

Natural phenomena come in various forms, which we often see every day.  Because of these phenomena, scientists dedicate time and effort to study the scientific principles behind them. Throughout the years, several scientists contributed to building the knowledge that we have in our modern world. Some phenomenon is a product of light, … Read more

History of Meteorology

General circulation of the Earth’s atmosphere

Every day, we experience various weather conditions that have a significant effect on our world. These weathers vary in their impact on our society, wherein some are essential to sustain life, while some bring disastrous effects to our surroundings. Despite all of these factors, the Earth’s constant-changing weather and climate are vital … Read more

History of Oceanography

Surface view of the Atlantic Ocean

Our oceans are undoubtedly incredible wonders of nature. It is vast, deep, and it is home to thousands of marine animals. The enormous size of the world’s ocean is a whopping 361.9 million square kilometers or 139.7 million square miles. This massive size covers roughly 70.9% of our planet’s surface and has … Read more

History of Seismology

seismogram record

Our world is home to several beautiful wonders of nature, including the tall mountains, green forests, vast oceans, and many more. Besides these magnificent sceneries, our planet also has incredible natural occurrences, which is essential in sustaining human life. However, among the natural occurrences here on Earth, some have a destructive force … Read more