What Periodic Element is a Favorite Among Scientists?

The elements that are naturally found in our world are an absolutely fascinating field of study. Just a few decades…

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Introduction to Agricultural Sciences

The human diet includes a variety of foods, which we can find in our world. Despite the several processed foods…

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History of Natural Sciences

Our world is full of science, which is present in our everyday lives. Several fields of science make up the…

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Gift Ideas for Science Geeks and Nerds

Some of us have a friend who is obsessed with space, crazy about chemistry, can’t get enough of dinosaurs, or…

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20 Science Project Ideas for Young Kids

Aside from reading books to learn about different things, doing hands-on activities is another effective way of teaching young children…

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Surprising Uses of the Common Elements

As of November 2016, the periodic table has 118 confirmed elements from hydrogen to organesson (formerly ununoctium). Out of all…

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Interesting Facts About Marie Curie

Marie Skłodowska Curie was a Polish-French physicist and chemist known for breaking down barriers in the male-dominated field of science…

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Crazy Chemistry Facts

Here are some interesting and incredible chemistry facts that will surely boggle your mind! Coca Cola Cocaine Coca-Cola was first…

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Coolest Elements on the Periodic Chart

When you say a “cool” element of the periodic chart, it doesn’t necessarily mean the temperature of an element (although…

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Famous Chemists And Their Discoveries

If not for these famous chemists we wouldn’t have been able to reap the benefits of their discoveries, from medicines to household…

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History of the Periodic Chart

Periodic charts are a must have in every chemistry classes. A periodic chart (or also called a periodic table) is…

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History of Chemistry

Interestingly, the world’s first known chemist was a woman. A cuneiform tablet from the second millennium B.C. reveals that a…

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