Types of Steel Used in Construction Projects

Image showing silhouette of a crane near a high-rise building during sunset.

Steel is famous for its unparalleled strength and versatility. It stands out from other construction materials due to its unique ductility properties and high tensile strength. Its structural integrity, coupled with its low cost, has made it one of the core materials needed for any construction project, be it commercial or industrial. … Read more

The Next Great Tech Transformations In The Construction Industry

construction drone

Do you want to know about the next tech transformations in the construction industry? If yes, then this article has everything you need. Some years back, technology in the construction industry was minimal, but now many advanced tools are available to make the construction process more comfortable. The good thing is that … Read more

The Top Deadliest Construction Projects of Modern Time

The top deadliest constrution projects of modern time

Here are some of the biggest infrastructure projects on Earth (from the late 19th century to present) which cost hundreds to thousands of workers’ lives during the time of their construction. At the time of its completion, the St. Gotthard Road Tunnel in Switzerland was then the world’s longest road tunnel being 10.5 … Read more

Largest Construction Projects in History

Largest Construction Projects in History

In this gallery we pay homage to some of the largest, most impressive, and most important construction projects in history. They have remained standing even several centuries after they were completed and have withstood the ravages of war and other large-scale conflict. The most amazing of all, these longstanding structures were built … Read more