History of Medical and Health Sciences

Louise Pasteur experimenting on bacteria

There is a saying that health is wealth. Furthermore, it is also a part of science that deals with human and animal health. Our health is undoubtedly one of the most important features that we need to maintain and develop. It serves as a basis for a person’s physical and mental condition. … Read more

Guide to Nutrition

Foods high in magnesium

Food is an essential substance to maintain life. We need it to gain the energy we need to perform our everyday tasks. Furthermore, it helps our bodies grow, as well as acquire nutrients to fight diseases. That is why food is vital for our survival – ever since prehistoric times, people took … Read more

History of Anatomy

A painting of a dissected body, by Charles Landseer

It is amazing how the human body functions. Each part of the body has its task to contribute. As we’ve all know, our body consists of several systems and organs that have a specific function for us to grow, work, and perform many other actions. Just looking at the human body would … Read more

Ancient Practices Proven by Science

Ancient Practices Proven by Science

Ancient practices such as rituals, Chinese medicine, holistic medicine, spiritual and religious practices are often undermined as ineffective, not necessary or plain superstition or fantasy. Scientists say that things that cannot be seen, touched or measured have any practical value. However, science has started to rediscover the value and wisdom of ancient … Read more

Mysterious Diseases

Mysterious Diseases

When people we get sick, they tend to trust doctors that know exactly what is wrong with their bodies. But sometimes, they experience unusual, bizarre diseases that even experts cannot fully explain and doctors cannot recommend a sure cure for. Here are some of the mysterious diseases with unknown causes: 1. Morgellons … Read more

The World’s Deadliest Animals

The Worlds Deadliest Animals

Which creatures in the world are the deadliest? What you are going to see here in this gallery may surprise you! A lot of people are afraid of sharks, with their menacing appearance and razor-sharp teeth. But you’re surprised they’re not the top of this list! Although wolf attacks on humans do … Read more