Patents that Changed the World

Many of the technologies we have today are just concepts in the past but we are now able to use…

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Amazing Inventions Inspired by Animals and Plants

Humans have invented a lot of amazing things, but many of them are not original or unique. We have been…

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Everyday Items That You Didn’t Know Were Invented by NASA

Whenever you think of NASA, images of spaceships, astronauts in spacesuits and satellites may be the first things that come…

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Things You Did Not Know Were Invented by Children

Who says that adults alone can come up with many of the world’s amazing inventions? Do not underestimate a child’s…

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Modern Technologies That Are Actually Older Than You Thought

The technology we have today didn’t exist in its precise form decades or centuries ago, but many technologies we use…

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Top Technology Inventions of the 2000s

Here are some of the inventions that have shaken the technology world (so far) in the 21st century: The first…

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Top Technology Breakthroughs in the 1800s

Here are some of the top technology breakthroughs in the 1800s that have changed people’s lives tremendously. The Internal Combustion…

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Famous Chemists And Their Discoveries

If not for these famous chemists we wouldn’t have been able to reap the benefits of their discoveries, from medicines to household…

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Greatest Discoveries of All Time

Here’s our gallery of some of the greatest discoveries mankind has ever made. They are among the discoveries that changed…

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