Patents that Changed the World

Motorized Exoskeleton

Many of the technologies we have today are just concepts in the past but we are now able to use them in our everyday lives. When it comes to notable patents, most of us might think about Thomas Edison’s electric bulb or incandescent light, or maybe Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. Though these … Read more

Top Technology Breakthroughs in the 1800s

Top Technology Breakhroughs in the 1800s

Here are some of the top technology breakthroughs in the 1800s that have changed people’s lives tremendously. The Internal Combustion Engine An internal combustion engine or ICE, is an engine which converts chemical energy into mechanical energy. It accomplishes that by burning fuel with air in an enclosed chamber. Étienne Lenoir invented … Read more

Famous Chemists And Their Discoveries

Famous Chemists and their Discoveries

If not for these famous chemists we wouldn’t have been able to reap the benefits of their discoveries, from medicines to household products to clothing to food. Here are the famous chemists and their discoveries that changed the people’s lives. During the time Frederick Gowland Hopkins was working on a research on nutrients, animals … Read more