History of Mathematics

The Babylonian mathematical tablet, 1800 BC

Mathematics is a significant part of our lives; we see it every time whether we are aware of it or not. We might be aware of the standard math subject we have in school, but mathematics is much broader compared to what some people used to know. Furthermore, in our modern world, … Read more

Ideas for Using Math to Make Money

Ideas for Using Math to Make Money

Many people hate Math because of the complicated formulas you need to learn and the problems you need to solve. But there are also lots of people who love Math and are good at it. Math and Science are two challenging subjects for a lot of students. That’s why those who excel … Read more

The Everyday Impact of Math


How does math affect our everyday lives? Mathematics has a HUGE impact on the world around us. Without math and mathematicians, there would be no cars, televisions, advanced drugs, and so much more. Some would say that today’s world is built on the foundations of mathematics. Math isn’t simple – mention it … Read more