Everyday Items That You Didn’t Know Were Invented by NASA

Everyday Items That You Didn't Know Were Invented by NASA

Whenever you think of NASA, images of spaceships, astronauts in spacesuits and satellites may be the first things that come to mind, but there were actually plenty of other items developed, created or inspired by NASA that we currently use here every day on Earth. NASA has been responsible for more than … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Space Shuttles You Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts about the Space Shuttles You Didn't Know

Space crafts are perhaps the coolest and the most awe-inspiring inventions mankind has ever made, because of the mere fact that they send humans away from the Earth and into the outer space. Traveling to space is simply a superhuman feat that our ancestors thought was next to impossible. They wondered what … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Apollo Missions You Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts About the Apollo Missions You DIdn’t Know

From 1963 to 1972, NASA launched the Apollo space program where it sent humans to land on the Moon and return safely to Earth. The Apollo missions, also known as “Project Apollo,” accomplished one of the greatest and grandest feats in the history of mankind. First conceived during the Eisenhower administration, the … Read more

Interesting Facts about NASA

Interesting Facts about NASA

Since it was founded by President Eisenhower in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been in the forefront in the field of space science in the world. Here are some more interesting facts about NASA that you need to know! A lot of people may not know it, but … Read more

Interesting Facts About Pluto

interesting facts about pluto

We have grown quite accustomed to what has been taught during our school days that Pluto is the ninth and the last planet of the solar system. Discovered in 1930, Pluto had been considered as a planet ever since. That is, until the International Astronomical Union (IAU) crossed out Pluto as a … Read more

The Emerging Private Space Industry

The emerging private space industry

Introduction Government space agencies of the United states and Soviet Union were the trailblazers of spaceflight and exploration and they sparked the so-called “Space Age” with the launch of Sputnik 1 way back in 1957. Since then, the development of space exploration technology has been largely funded by governments. Space agencies such … Read more

Who Is SpaceX?

Who is spacex?

SpaceX was founded in 2002, with the aim of colonizing Mars and cutting down on space transportation costs. Its founder, an entrepreneur and visionary, dreamt to make spaceflight cheaper and safer and to put humans on other planets. In just two and a half decades, the company has managed to secure 12 … Read more

NASA Unveils New Space Suit

NASA Univeils new space suit

You have probably seen pictures of astronauts taking a “space walk” in an EVA suit. Astronauts have worn similar suits during extra-vehicular activity since the 1960s and the suits have not been updated in nearly 20 years. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently unveiled a new spacesuit for the next … Read more