Interesting Facts About Mars

Interesting Facts About Mars

Mars has never failed to fascinate us. Does it really have any signs of life there? There are missions such as the Mars One or the ExoMars project which will help us find out whether or not human settlement is possible in the Red Planet. Here are some of the more interesting … Read more

Interesting Facts About the Sun

The Sun

We all know the Sun is a hot ball of gas that stays visible throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. But is that all you know about it? Well, here are some other interesting facts about the Sun that you may or may not know! The Sun is orbited by nine major planets … Read more

Interesting Facts About Pluto

interesting facts about pluto

We have grown quite accustomed to what has been taught during our school days that Pluto is the ninth and the last planet of the solar system. Discovered in 1930, Pluto had been considered as a planet ever since. That is, until the International Astronomical Union (IAU) crossed out Pluto as a … Read more