Yuri Milner Explains the Importance of Space Exploration

Yuri Milner Explains the Importance of Space Exploration

Physicist and visionary venture capitalist Yuri Milner is on a mission to convince as many people as possible that the significance – and survival – of humanity depends on our ability to explore and understand the universe. “We may be a tiny part of the cosmos, but we are also an extraordinary … Read more

The Emerging Private Space Industry

The emerging private space industry

Introduction Government space agencies of the United states and Soviet Union were the trailblazers of spaceflight and exploration and they sparked the so-called “Space Age” with the launch of Sputnik 1 way back in 1957. Since then, the development of space exploration technology has been largely funded by governments. Space agencies such … Read more

Mars Exploration Project – Mars One


Mars one has a plan for Mars in 2023, that will help establish the first human settlement on the planet. The crew is aware of the difficulties involved with sending spacecraft to Mars. There have been seven missions to Mars with only one of them failing. That places the success rate to … Read more

Colonize Mars: Can This Dream Become a Reality?

Colonize Mars

Why Mars? Mars is the strongest candidate for colonization in our solar system. It is the most Earth-like and potentially the most habitable planet after earth. It has a moderate gravity, plenty of water and carbon dioxide. Moreover, it’s the easiest planet to get to from earth, save for Venus. Ever since … Read more

What is the Space Elevator?

What is the Space Elevator

Roads and bridges have been around for quite some time now. Their contribution to the modern world can hardly be overemphasized. Romans built the first road. This invention led them to a series of conquests allowing them to establish highway networks throughout the city. Historians agree that roads are what allowed them … Read more

Mars Rover – Curiosity

Mars Rover

NASA’s Mars Rovers – an introduction Space technologically keeps advancing at an exponential rate. Technological advancements have led to new innovations, capabilities and expanded space exploration. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is owned and run by the government and has over the years been launching Mars rovers to explore the … Read more