Take a Cue to Experiment with Your Feminine Fedora Look

Most hat styles came into use or fashion as a part of men’s wear. That’s why it is easy to assume that fedoras started with the same fate while the facts or historical records hint at other possibilities. Hat lovers or enthusiasts inform that the fedora trend started with women after Victorien Sardou’s play named “Fédora.” The famous female stage artist Sarah Bernhardt played the role of the protagonist Fédora Romanoff and the fedora hat was a part of her ensemble that got widely noticed. From there on, fedora hats for women emerged as the most coveted fashion accessory. The popularity graph went up and down until they regained their lost glory in modern times.

Today, fedoras have made a name for themselves for being the safest outfit option for everyone, regardless of their fashion status. Owing to this, you get various designs in this hat style for every season. You may wonder how you should wear it. Don’t allow this thought to dominate your mind. You only need to put your overall attire pieces together to create a perfect look. Here are some suggestions to guide you with your choices.

Women’s fashion: Fedora hat-wearing guide

You cannot leave the classic felt option out when talking about fedoras. It has a more formal character for its stiff yet elegant aura. While felt hats already offer everything that a stylish lady would desire, the choices don’t end at that, luckily. The evolving needs and tastes led to the discovery of straw hats. This type of womens fedora hat tends to be light and breathable to accompany you on your outing on a sunny day. But the material isn’t everything. Shape and overall look also matter. For example, wider brims provide a dramatic edge to your outfit, while smaller versions feel humble and suitable for every season. 

In classic fedora hats, standard colors include black, tan, grey, and ivory. Happy-go-lucky or self-assured girls and women can take a bold stand with vibrant hues like pink, rust, and sangria. These choices can break you free from the usual monochrome outfit ideas. It gives you room to play more with your look. As a fashionable person, it must be an excellent thing for you. Of course, hat texture, shape, and shade are going to have a massive impact on your presentation. To enhance it further, you would need to keep your hairstyle proper.

Usually, ladies wear their hair in a ponytail or let it down completely. If you are ambitious about your choices, you should choose something different. A side braid can give a boho feel, and a messy bun or low side chignon can be super classy. There are other possibilities also. A fedora hat can complement every hairstyle, short pixie cut, full curls, or something else. So stay tension-free from this side.

Styling a fedora hat outfit look

Experienced hat users tend to have many fresh ideas up their sleeves. Still, some days may not go the intended way and disrupt everything. You may not even decide on a dress that otherwise felt like a no-brainer. With so many variations, your mind can easily get overwhelmed. However, it is easy to get around this problem if you remember a few style basics of a fedora hat and outfits for different occasions. For example, think of a beach vacation. Thankfully, these are predictable places where you need protection from the sun and wind. So wide brims are the right bet for any modern bikini wear. Shirtdress and sheer kaftans also do well. 

Do you have a travel plan with your girl gang? You can pick your neutral-hued fedora with denim shorts, whether they have a distressed, skinny, or flared cut. Some wear boyfriend-type t-shirts and loose-fitting cardigans. If you enjoyed the 70s fashion, shorts and off-shoulder top look would justify your choice. 

Next, you may worry about formal outfits. Classic fedora with black trousers and button-down shirts are an all-time hit. For a dose of elegance, you can add your silk blouse to skinny trousers and round it up with a felt hat. You will never go wrong with this. Is there a wedding invitation lying on your table? Get your jewel-colored jumpsuit and heels with a matching clutch. It will have that perfect touch of the celebratory mood.

The best thing about fedora hats is that they can meet every need like an ideal companion. You can look glamorous, chic, stylish, cute, old-school, freewheeling, and everything that you wish to express on a given day. Still, it is wise to have at least one classic hat all the time in your wardrobe. After all, their timeless appeal and versatility are unique to them. Also, keeping a fair variety gives you freedom with your fashion decisions. You can try multiple things and choose one that takes care of your mood and personality.