The Importance of Satellite Imagery: A Complete Information

The importance of satellite images is not difficult to see, especially during an economic downturn. With fewer people able to travel across the globe due to lack of transportation means, it’s more important than ever for businesses to make sure that they are getting a good view of their location and their competitors. This has become even more true with the advent of new technology that enables people to get satellite imagery at no charge. WorldView-4 satellite imagery can be accessed from any place on earth and at any time. Here are a few tips to find the right satellite imagery company and learn the importance of satellite images in today’s competitive business world.

Satellite Images

First, know what type of terrain you are seeing. Satellite images are usually broken down by terrain into three categories: land, water, and clouds. Land areas typically show cloud coverage while water and clouds show either straight lines or shadows. These types of terrain will also show a wealth of detail such as snow-capped mountains, dark areas represent low cloud cover, while white areas represent high cloud cover.

One of the Best Tool

One of the best tools available to business owners is satellite imagery. It’s possible to get WorldView-4 satellite data at various resolutions that can be used to identify roads, landmarks, crops, fields, and other objects that are being used in production. This allows remote sensing experts to see life at its very finest before they get a chance to see it anywhere else. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a crop dust event, high-resolution satellite data can be the difference between a real-life problem and a false alarm.


Global warming is a huge problem in many parts of the planet. Temperature change is one of the most serious challenges to human existence currently facing us. One method that is being used to monitor climate change is satellites. Global climate monitoring is a relatively new technology with a lot of potentials. The ability to monitor the weather and climate in remote regions of the world is now possible through satellites.


Weather or space weather is another pressing concern for those who travel to space. Although we have been able to miniaturize parts of a satellite, we are still dependent on satellites for navigation and communications. Global positioning systems work by using stars in the constellations as their guidance system. This is done by taking advantage of a satellite’s alignment with the sun. When a system like this goes into orbit around the earth, it allows military personnel to locate their locations.

Some of the ways that a visible satellite image can be helpful to a business are in providing valuable data to managers and other decision-makers in a company. For example, a manager may need to know which areas of his company are receiving the highest amount of cloud cover as part of a study about how to improve operations and customer satisfaction. A scientist could be studying cloud patterns to help them understand the relationship between human health and exposure to various pollutants. A weather expert could be studying the distribution of precipitation to help improve weather models and warnings. A geophysicist might be studying the way warm air rises and what impact that has on climate change. All of these types of professionals can make use of visible satellite images to conduct important research.