The Science of Addiction in Teens

Teens who get addicted to substances are often castigated as those who simply want to get attention.  You have to be sure that you have found the right information about these kids because substances will change their brain chemistry.  These kids did not intend to be addicted, but they are using because there is a system around them that makes it necessary.  Someone who is trying to make the right choices for their child needs to know what is going on, and someone who is concerned about their friend needs to start doing their research here.

1. Treatment

Information about treatment is always the best place to start, and it will talk a lot about detox because withdrawal is a very painful experience that involves the whole body.  Someone who is detoxing is going to have a very hard time because their whole body is reacting to the fact that they do not have the substances that they think they need.  They are using to feel normal, and the high is completely gone.

2. The Feeling of a High

The feeling is a high is going to change completely because the person is getting a hit from their reward center every time they are using.  This means that the people who are using just want to feel normal, and that is why they keep using.  A lot of people do not know this, and they make it very hard for people to recover because there is no much verbal slander involved that the addicted person thinks they are just doing this for attention.  However, they are truly sick.

3. Addiction Is an Illness

Addiction is an illness, and it can be treated like any other illness.  Someone who is getting treatment is going to start to feel a change in their body and mind.  However, they need consistent treatment because that is the only way to get them healthy.  Someone who was addicted as a youth is going to have a harder time recovering because their body did not even completely recover on its own.  Because of that, they need more treatment.

4. It Can Be Prevented

Kids need to have a much better education on the drugs and alcohol that they are thinking of using.  They need to know that it is very easy to get addicted, and they need to understand that it activates the reward center in their brain.  Most people do not realize that they are getting a hit from the reward center of their brain, and they keep using just because they do not think they have any better way to feel good.  Eventually, they do this to feel normal, and kids must be educated on this because that is the only way for them to feel right.

Anyone who is having a hard time with addiction or thinks a teen is addicted needs to be sure that they have found a way to get into treatment so that they can start to feel normal again and completely detox from these awful substances.

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