Things to look for in a student housing facility

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is a world-renowned university with over 87,000 students. The university specialises in practical industry-based learnings that equip students with vocational skills and has three campuses in Melbourne: Melbourne CBD, Brunswick, and Bundoora.

But what about the housing options? One of the primary concerns of students studying at the university is finding good, affordable, and comfortable accommodation.

It’s essential to do your research before finally selecting a housing. If it’s too far, you will waste time commuting, while being near, but lacking in facilities doesn’t work well either.

So, what should you consider while searching for housing near the university? Read on to find out. Moreover, you can also check out the best apartments for rent in midland tx.


It is better to choose an RMIT student housing option close to the campuses and easily accessible through a car or public transport. For instance, studying on the Melbourne campus should take you no more than a five-minute walk or an eight-minute train journey.

Any more than that, you will tire yourself during the commute. You should also check whether the accommodation has connectivity by trains to the campus since that is a comfortable and quick way of getting around.

One way of getting a clear idea about the housing’s location is asking them for a distance guide, indicating the walking and train distances to the campus or the train stations.

Types of rooms

The rooms should be spacious, comfortable, airy, and equipped with essential facilities. Usually, a good provider will give you two options for rooms: shared and studio apartments and further options like single, shared, or premium.

Even if it’s a shared room, it should have a private bedroom and bathroom, a large shared kitchen, a dining area, and a lounge. It is also advisable to book your choices well in advance, as you might find them sold out.

Features of the property

What features does the property have, and do they make your stay convenient and hassle-free?

Free WiFi

It must have free unlimited high-speed WiFi, enabling you to stay connected wherever you might be inside the housing. Melbourne has one of the fastest free public WiFi networks in Australia, and you should take advantage of that, whether inside your building or outside.

Safety and Security

It would help if you asked them about the security measures. For example, are there CCTVs cameras installed throughout the property, is access to the apartment only through an electronic card, and does it have 24×7 onsite support?

Even though Melbourne is among the world’s top ten safest cities, according to the Safe Cities Index, you should always prioritise safety.

Study space

You will require a range of study areas and meeting rooms where you can study for hours at ease without unnecessary disturbances or distractions.

Laundry facilities

Visiting a laundry outside the building can be inconvenient whenever you need to wash your clothes. Having an onsite laundry facility with access to washing machines and dryers will make the job easier for you.

Bicycle and car parking

A bicycle storage area keeps your cycles safe without the risk of incurring damage or being stolen, while a reserved car parking space saves you parking woes.

Questions you might consider asking

You should ask them the amount to be paid while booking, which will probably involve a week’s rent. Will the price of your rent increase, and if so, after how much time?

What is the minimum age to live in the housing facility, and will you have the option of choosing your apartment partners? Does the rent include the internet facilities, utilities, towels, and bed linen?

What is the amount you must pay while signing the contract? Usually, the housing provider will ask you to pay four weeks’ rent in advance, which they will send to the Rental Tenancy Bond Authority in Victoria (since Melbourne is situated in Victoria).

If you are looking for student housing, you should choose an option that is comfortable, secure and has the necessary facilities. In addition, it should be a convenient location, ensuring you enjoy every moment of your stay.