Tribute To The World’s Oldest Casinos

While many majestic casinos have come and gone, there remain those old classics that have helped – and continue – to shape the pages of history.

We’ve put together a list of those old classics that have survived and stood the ultimate test – that of time.

The Golden Gate Casino

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Golden Gate Casino is one of the oldest casinos in the world.

This iconic landmark opened its doors to patrons all the way back in 1906, and continues to operate even today.

Originally called “Hotel Nevada”, the gaming establishment has over the years faced many highs and lows, including the outlawing of gambling only shortly after its opening, in 1909.

But the establishment managed to hold on by hosting whatever “on the down-low” games it could muster under a veil of secrecy, including non-cash tournaments and games offering small stakes.

Then, in 1931, when gaming finally became legal once more, the famous hotel changed its name and branding to “Sal Sagev Casino”, before settling on its current moniker in 1955.

The iconic Golden Gate Casino is situated on Fremont Street, and is a true beacon of gambling history.

Casino De Monte Carlo

Monaco’s oldest casino opened its doors in 1856.

Legend has it that the Casino de Monte Carlo was established as part of a plan by Princess Caroline of Grimaldi to avoid going bankrupt.

The popular gaming establishment moved to its new home in 1863, and soon became a favourite playground to Europe’s most rich and affluent gamblers.

Kurhaus Casino

Located in Baden-Baden, Germany, the iconic Kurhaus Casino was designed as far back as the mid-1820s.

It stands proud on the border of Germany’s Black Forest near the border with France, and in the 1830s gained incredible popularity due to France’s ban on gambling.

The iconic gaming establishment offers a unique entertainment experience and is a considered an architectural wonder.

Casino De Spa

Belgium’s Casino De Spa was built in 1763 and was very nearly completely destroyed in the First World War.

The venue was rebuilt in 1918, and eventually underwent a massive renovation in the early 1980s.

While one of the world’s oldest gaming establishments, the Casino De Spa brings together grand old architecture and modern gaming amenities.

It is situated only a 20-minute drive from Formula One’s famous Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. If you can’t visit in person, Grand Rush online casino offers a similar luxurious experience on desktop or mobile.

Casino Di Venezia

Italy’s Casino Di Venezia holds the ultimate crown in gambling history. Constructed in 1638, it is officially the world’s oldest still-operating gambling establishment.

It boasts beautiful renaissance-style architecture and can only be approached by water taxi or gondola.

The building is in fact a palace, and it used to be a home away from home for Europe’s elite. The City of Venice eventually purchased the lot in 1946, after which the casino was renovated and reopened.

It sits on the Grand Canal in Venice, and originally featured a wing for gambling whenever plays weren’t staged at the original Theatre St Moses.

This casino had helped spark the incredible gaming craze in Venice and is a true world gaming icon.