Using Canvas Prints to Decorate your Home

It is now very popular to decorate your home or office with canvas prints and artwork. Art gallery-like stretched canvas prints create a sense of depth and produce excellent depth perception and viewing pleasure due to the prints jumping off the wall. In light of the numerous canvas print options available, it can be difficult to decide what to order and how to arrange your walls. You are sure to choose the perfect canvas print by following the top tips for decorating with canvas artwork – one that both aesthetically complements your existing furniture, and is also a focal point of any room.

Themes and Moods Complement Your Room:

Prior to selecting a canvas print, one should understand a room’s purpose and attributes. Will the room be used exclusively for private purposes or for entertaining guests? Is the room used for relaxing or for performing tasks, or is it just a hall? If it is a large room, is it narrow or tall? The type of canvas art that best complements the color and size of a room can be determined by these clues. As well as these amazing space canvas artworks will give your room a new look.

Color Psychology: Neutral Versus Vibrant:

A room that is painted in neutrals is calming, while a room displayed in vibrant colors brings excitement and energy. Consider using vibrant blues for a fast-paced office, vibrant yellows for a kids’ room or art studio, and neutral beige and mellow greens for quiet retreat rooms or doctor’s offices.

The Art of Landscape Opens Up Small Spaces:

Using sunsets, landscapes, and canvas art that shows distant horizons can visually expand a smaller area. As a result, views of the horizon and/or vanishing images make a small room seem larger and more comfortable by evoking a sense of a faraway vista.

Size of Prints Should Depend on Wall Size:

For large or narrow walls, small canvas prints would be best, while larger canvas prints would be best for narrow walls. Small canvas prints on a large wall leave the room feeling disproportionate and empty, while large prints on a small wall make the room feel overwhelming. Painter’s tape on the wall gives an indication of where the outer boundaries of the print will lie. To see how the print looks on the wall, you can attach paper or poster board that has the same size as the print on the wall.

Selection of Canvases Based on Expected Furniture Pairings:

Depending on what furniture you intend to display the canvas print over or next to, you should pick out a theme and size. The print size on wall art that hangs over a piece of furniture should not exceed the width of the furniture. General guidelines suggest that furniture should be roughly 75% as wide as art. In addition, what type of canvas art is appropriate for your room depends on the type of furnishings, whether modern, casual, formal, or traditional.

Printed flowers and nature pieces look awesome in a casual room, abstract art and grunge prints pair well with modern furniture, cuisine and wine prints is ideal for traditional kitchens, and prints of famous landmarks are great for any room.

Shelves and Mantels are Great Places to Display Art:

Canvas prints are suitable for hanging above furniture or on walls alone. In addition to mantles and art shelves, you can also display art on them. A canvas print can be displayed on a mantle, shelf-top, or hung on a wall over a shelf (for example, above a fireplace). It can be placed on a shelf with other decorative items, or set onto a shelf with them.

Odd-Number Prints for Decoration:

When decorating a large wall, it is important to choose an odd number of prints to create a symmetrically appealing design with both a central focal point and peripheral focal points, but it is also important to ensure that the artwork is appropriately sized and positioned to fit the space. One large canvas print is often enough to enliven the look of a room and cover an entire wall. In the case that an original print is too small for a wall of any substantial size, or if you like having lots of prints hanging on the wall, hang three to five medium or small prints.