What Are Clinton Cards And Other Types Of Cards

Greeting cards have a special way of brightening the day of someone no matter the circumstances they are in, it is a reminder that someone out there cares and has thought of you enough to send you something, no matter how simple.

It has been a tradition since the earliest of civilizations to send greetings in some shape or form to extend gratitude, congratulations, or showing affection during celebrations and festive occasions. This practice has been passed from generation to generation and from one civilization to the other, there are many reasons why this practice endures.

While the greeting card is something you see every day and might not have put much attention to even though you purchase or make one yourself during the holidays or on various during the year, such product has a lot of cultural significance, a rich history, and a psychological process behind it.

Types of Greeting Cards

There are many types of postcards and there are many ways to categorize such items according to the type of material used, the occasion to which it is used, and how it is produced. The more popular ones are those being given during holidays such as Christmas and New Year. There is also a gift that can be given during the birthday. These are just some of the most celebrated and iconic occasions during the year as there is something to celebrate for every occasion.

First is the Christmas Cards which are one of the most popular ones depending on the occasion. They have an educational history to them, the first set that was produced was penned in England by some boys who were practicing their handwriting and would give these pieces of work to their parents. Even the design of the products in England had some history.

Many early styles and types of such products during the Victorian Era of England had an illustration of a robin who was delivering Christmas messages. This was because the postmen during that era were called robins.

Then in 1843, it is believed that the first commissioned Christmas Card was made in London featuring artwork by John Collcot Horsley and contained a very familiar and common phrase today “A Merry Christmas and a  Happy New Year to You” that was sent to Sir Henry Cole’s friends and loved ones. Click here to learn more about John Collcot Horsley.

Additionally, they are so popular and cherished that some even collect them as part of a collection and some collections such as those by Queen Mary are housed in a Museum and some of the most prized possessions especially those that were printed during the golden age of printing cost thousands of dollars.

Nowadays, since the 19th century, homemade or handmade postcards are performed by families and individuals either because of financial reasons, artistic or design reasons or to give more of personal touch to their holiday messages.

A handmade greeting card is a card that includes a feature that is made by hand or personally by the giver. And because of people’s imagination and artistic capabilities handmade cards now also include pop-up and 3-D cards.

The second is the Birthday Card, regarded as the most popular greeting card in the world. It accounts for around sixty percent of all the postcards bought.  This is one of the most traditional items with the birthday as the ideal occasion to go all out on to make the celebrant’s day extra special.

The history of the birthday card dates back to the Romans who began the tradition of celebrating birthdays and would prepare and send wooden tablets invitations which are believed to be the earliest form of a birthday card.  This tradition of celebrating birthdays and sending out birthday cards has endured from the Romans to modern Society.

Today, these are an important part of different cultures despite the vast differences in cultures.

Just like the Christmas Card, the mass production of other types, which are very similar to the ones we have today started in Britain, shortly after the rise in popularity and commercial production of the Christmas card.

Then we go to the form of the card, it can either be flat or folded and the choice of either is a personal preference. However, folded greeting cards are regarded as the more traditional type. It involves an element of surprise as the message is hidden inside and makes it a bit more special when you finally read the contents.

The downside of folded types is that they can be expensive and entail the additional cost of having to use an envelope.

Flat greetings ornaments, on the other hand, are typically cheaper and are more straightforward, and are often dominated by artwork or illustration which serves as a symbolism for the message the giver wants to convey to the receiver.

Reaching Out With Loved Ones And Friends

However, people also claim that these products would not be a billion-dollar industry if it was not popular and if people had since moved on from the traditional greeting card to electronic means of communication.

Now you may be deciding between Clinton Cards V Card Gallery cards but remember that it is the thought that matters no matter the type of card you get, but if you want to convey the best possible message as has been discussed there are a lot of products to choose from.

There are a lot of personal reasons why people send messages and appreciation instead of resorting to electronic means of communication and are these are related to emotions and the thought of being cared about.

A Greeting Card can express all kinds of human emotions from celebratory and congratulatory to sentiment, mourning, and sympathy.  There is even a process in the making and receipt of a greeting card, different parts of the brain are used and different emotions are felt but all have a positive effect on both the giver and the recipient.

People often create or purchase such products as a form of emotional communication. They are used as a means to convey emotions and feelings which may be difficult to express through other actions or through words or when you are just unable to do so due to a variety of reasons including distance and conflicting schedules.

Also as with other means of communication, such items facilitate social connection, purchasers, and users. They use them to develop and maintain relationships with family and friends. It is a representation of the time and effort of the sender and this can help the recipient feel special and valuable.

On the part of the sender, the choice of the greeting card or its personalization can effectively reflect his or her identity and the values they cherish.

Even businesses, something that is often regarded as emotionless and corporate, utilize postcards to communicate a message and the image that it wants that will put the business in a positive light. It can show that a business not only knows its customers and clients but also cares and remembers its customers.

To conclude, this particular industry is historically and culturally ingrained into society. It has served as an effective means of communication for friends and family during all kinds of occasions and events.