What Types of Supercapacitors Are The Best for Your Devices?

Supercapacitors are essential for supplying high-power currents to the power units and providing support to the batteries during charge and discharge cycles. Different types of supercapacitors have various functions. They help in power management for a wide range of devices. Supercapacitor technology provides support to energy storage, automotive, wearables, medical devices, and small-scale equipment. Click here for an overview of some supercapacitor and ultracapacitor products.

DMF, DMT, DMH Series

The DMF, DMT, and DMH series are some of the most commonly used supercapacitors in Australia’s small scale industries. These series supercapacitors are essential for the high energy storage and high power density for the consumers and industry that require a high rate of power. Electronic applications such as wireless sensors, location detectors, asset tracking, LED flash, and locks get supported by these supercapacitors. DMF meets your power needs by supporting energy storage; DMT is ideal for building and industrial sensors, and DMH is useful in wearable and smart cards.

Super Thin Prismatic Supercapacitors

The super-thin prismatic supercapacitors produce a very high density of power in a small and light-weighted package. These supercapacitors are remarkably thin at 0.4 mm. G and H series supercapacitors provide a combination of high capacitance and low ESR. These supercapacitors help to regulate the power limitations of batteries used for energy storage and power backups in devices. Supercapacitors manufactured in Australia enable extended backup time and longer battery life with low leakage currents and a wide temperature range.

Cylindrical Cells

The cylindrical cells provide both single and dual cell modules that support the batteries and electronics up to 5.5V. These cylindrical cells also have low leakage current and excellent power delivery. They are suitable for working as power buffers, providing power backups for UPS in case of power interruptions. Cylindrical supercapacitors offer high performance at a low cost to power IoT industrial and consumer devices. Wireless sensors, GSM/GPRS transmission, remote metre, locks, actuators, etc., are some of the applications supported by cylindrical cell series.

Applications Supported by Supercapacitors

  • Supercapacitors provide peak power and backup power support to automotive electronics such as EMS, GPS, Radio, etc.
  • The supercapacitors supply energy to asset tracking devices to acquire and transmit position related data. They are ideal for energy harvesters for autonomous power and the long life of batteries.
  • Electronic locks also get supported by supercapacitors. They store energy that sets it in safe storage during any power failure.
  • Supercapacitors provide both high peak and backup support to small-scale and handheld devices such as scanners, printers, and LED flash.
  • High power supercapacitors support the batteries for efficient wireless data transmission in smart metres. They help in storing energy to supply power for the duration of data transmission.
  • Supercapacitors also help to enhance energy sources used to monitor smartwatches and health monitoring patches.
  • They also supply peak power for data transmission in wireless sensors. Thin prismatic supercapacitors are ideal for many slim and unobtrusive sensors.

Supercapacitors provide optimum battery support to your devices. They are often lead-free and do not use any heavy or critical metals and halogens. Small-scale applications, wearables, and IoT technologies are useful in today’s world. For the efficient functioning of these systems, supercapacitors are vital. They provide modern high-energy solutions to your battery-powered units and increase the power storage capacity of the equipment.