Why companies should opt for partner portals?

Are you thinking about opting for a partner portal? Well, that’s a smart move! Before you take this step, we want to make you more aware of this. Even if you are not sure about your decision, today’s blog will make things easier for you!

Partner Portal

In case you don’t know what partner portal is, consider a brief description below.

The partner portal is a web-based site that’s all-in-one sort of platform for doing business with others. It connects all the existing partners in the key. Usually, the partner portal consists of all the necessary tools for building revenue, designing new marketing strategies and educating the teams.

In addition to that, the partner portal allows the outside companies, within the existing connection to a central business, to access the information that may help them in managing the services. In short, it enhances the overall productivity of the system.

Why We Create The Partner Portal?

You must be thinking that why such big business firms go for partner portals? Why we need them? We want to let you know that the sole purpose of creating these portals is to improve the communication and interaction between the different business partners. It improves connectivity, communication and gives them space to engage with each other. They can also find new partners through such portals.

In addition to that, you must have heard about Partner Relationship Management (PRM). It is a huge system responsible for connecting the interconnected businesses. Partner portals act as the basic cell for Partner Relationship Management.

Furthermore, the partner portal is basically a highly protected website that employs a simple and familiar look consistent with the brand it represents. It is a business and official site. Don’t think it is a marketing property for the outside world as its access is mostly available only from a company’s main website.

Why you should opt Business Partner Portal?

Although, we gave you an insight about why people create partner portals, if you are not sure about creating the portal, then read the following benefits of the partner portals. You can create your partner portal to;

  • discover your vendors in the same area
  • see who else is doing business with the main company
  • help a partner locate competition
  • identify a way to set itself apart
  • update your information and find answers to questions that might have about the supplier or the supplier’s role in the arrangement
  • allow companies to streamline business processes
  • to transfer the information to partners quickly and efficiently without the supplier having to contact each one individually

To sum up, the partner portal just like a customer self-service portal. Most importantly, it empowers partners to help themselves. We are safe to say that this information about partner portals will surely help you in taking your business to the next level.  So what are you waiting for! You can click here for HP partner portal technology and learn more about customer service portals!