Why Should Hospitals Be The Cleanest Place?

It’s a simple logic, in short words, the hospitals should be the cleanest since people go there to recover health and not to be even more sick. Cleanliness, basic hygiene should be any hospital’s top priority considering various patients, germs, and people of all kind come and go leaving behind God-Knows-What diseases and bacteria, viruses. Other than that, there are so many reasons why hospitals should be the cleanest place and how to implement cleanliness.

Pathogens, Bacteria, and Viruses Found 24/7 In Hospitals

Most people don’t know this but there are so many pathogens, bacteria, and viruses found in the hospitals. You can mop the floors, clean the doors and windows and big equipment but door handles, different pens at the information/ admin desk, keyboards, and soap dispensers, all of these have microscopic pathogens and bacteria that if you could see with a naked eye, you’d wish to clean them every other hour.

Health Should Be Your Number 1 Priority But Cleanliness Should Go Parallelly

In order for both the patient and the staff working in the hospital to be clean and disease/bacteria-free, staff education is very vital. Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) is spread through such environments where hygiene is poor. This happens when from the care assistants, admin workers, and to the higher levels such as nurses and doctors don’t manage and work out the cleanliness properly themselves.

Most of the bacteria and diseases in the hospital environment spread through contact among these people. Although there’s a significant increase after COVID-19 in such hygienic measures, there are still some places where the practice of such isn’t done properly.

Spread Of C. Difficile infection and Use of Hypochlorite

Clostridium difficile, also called C. diff is a bowel infection that can lead you to diarrhea. Nausea, vomiting, loose motions are a symptom of this disease which is very common in the hospitals. We’re not talking about the patients present there but the people who come and visit their family/ friends or the staff working there can also get this Clostridium difficile infection if little things such as door handles, doorknobs, surfaces, and chairs, etc. aren’t cleaned with hypochlorite solution. It’s found to be one of the best ones to eliminate contamination and viruses of all sorts. The only condition to achieve such good cleanliness and hygiene within the hospitals is to regularly clean the surfaces with this solution. JAN-PRO for hospital cleaning service is one of the best ways you can keep your place safe from such viruses.

Seeing The Hospital From The Patient’s Eyes

It’s important to see the hospital from the patient’s eyes rather than your janitor staff and nurses etc. There are sometimes factors that we don’t see unless we’re put in the bed with ugly, unclean curtains around us and needles of all sorts. It just increases depression and tense for the patient. Lack of hope and optimism is a result of uncleanliness and poor hygiene for the hospital.

It is seen through a survey that patients with clean environments, fresh sheets, and curtains became healthy quicker than those who were put into old beds with dust and dirt around them. The environment dictates your state of mind so hospitals ought to be clean and nice for the patient’s satisfaction, your hospitals’ good rates and views as well as good hygiene for not just the patient, people coming in and going out but yourself as well, whether you’re a janitor, nurse or a doctor!