10 Amazing Gifts For Science Lovers

Your nerdy, well-educated friends and family members that love all things having to do with science might just be your most fun group of people to buy gifts for. Even if you don’t know a ton about geek-culture the things they tend to be into are unique, educational, and often very funny or sarcastic as well. Math, science, and technology gifts are perfect for all ages. Who knows, you could be inspiring the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie. Science gifts are surprising funny as well. You’ll at least chuckle a few times as you make your way through this zany list of ideas for your science lovers. 

1. Let’s Map Out The Stars

Looking for a gift that celebrates the stars? This custom poster by Twinkle In Time creates a map of the stars on a specific date, at an exact location, for you to present as a smart and sentimental gift. If you’re going to make a highly logical person shed a tear, this is the way to do it. You can use their birthday, anniversary, or the date of their favorite scientific discovery. There is space for you to add a unique message and several options to choose from in shape and color. Enjoy free shipping on US orders and include a frame for the perfect finishing touch! 

2. Foldscope’s Pocket-Size Microscope

Never let your favorite nerd get stuck in an everyday situation with no microscope again! Science doesn’t only look for big answers but finds extraordinary ideas in the smallest spaces as well. Getting involved in the microscopic world can fill your days with endless wonder and now you can whip out a tiny travel-size microscope anywhere, anytime. It comes in a cute carrying case and you can hook it up to a smartphone camera so you can capture amazing footage as well. Tools and slides for creating samples are even included in the kit. Part of the profits even goes towards funding for scientific tools in underdeveloped areas around the world. 

3. Home Health Screenings From ImAware.Health 

Send a home health screening kit to a loved one. If they love biology and chemistry or even medical science then they will enjoy this opportunity to play a doctor and do their own screenings for conditions like celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis. The imaware.health at home screen kits are easy to operate and provide quick, confidential results. 

4. NASA High-Top Sneaks From Vans

The latest Mars mission has sparked a renewed love of space exploration for many science enthusiasts. Popular shoe company Vans even made some NASA high-tops you can rock to support the many technological advances we have thanks to pushing the boundaries of science for exploration. In fact, you can thank space exploration for the advancements in personal computers, calculators and so many other things you enjoy every day. The shoes are very official-looking with the NASA logo. 

5. Nature Inspired Jewelry For Retired Teachers And Scientists 

Do you have any retired lab workers or former science teachers on your birthday or holiday gift list this year? This unique and sentimental tree of life necklace celebrates both nature and the amazing achievement fo retirement. The necklace comes in both silver and gold so you can choose the one that suits your person’s best style. This is the perfect gift for someone that needs a touch of elegance in their wardrobe.

6. Costa Farms Succulents For Budding Botanists 

For the botany enthusiast on your list, pick up some of these adorable indoor plants. These tiny succulents come in unique ceramic planters and are perfect for decorating your office or kitchen. CoolThingsChicago.com listed the Costa Farms Succulents as one of the best birthday gifts for the women in your life. These plants are super easy to care for but allow you to keep a little piece of nature beside you all day. 

7. Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World

Science geeks love books so what better gift than this beautiful hardcover book filled with contributes to science made by women. Talking about women and girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is a very important topic right now. This book contains amazing illustrations and infographics that shine a light on female scientific contributions. 

8. Kool8 Fully Insulated Eco-friendly Water Bottles

Kool8 offers super-sleek and sexy water bottles with a few modern twists. First, they have double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your warm things warm and your cold things cold. Second, they have a tea infuser built right into the bottle in case you get tired of drinking straight water all of the time. Finally, a percentage of the profits go towards providing clean water to impoverished nations. 

9. Geode Jigsaw Puzzle

If traditional puzzles are not nearly challenging enough for your geeky friends, check out these mind-blowing geode jigsaw puzzles. Not only are they simply gorgeous with rich colors and gradients but they have a very unique shape that makes putting the puzzle together quite a challenge. Inspired by the mesmerizing formations of agate geodes, known for their colorful bands. The pieces are actually contorted and intertwine in a unique way. 

10. Realistic Moon With Phases For Your Bedroom

For the little scientists in your life here is a very unique bedroom nightlight that looks like the moon. It is remote controlled and you can click through the waxing and waning lunar phases. Perfect for visual and hands-on learning. This STEM education gift is great for all ages. The moon creates a soft light and can help children fall asleep. This gift includes a downloadable audio tour of the moon. 

There are tons of other great ideas for scientifically inclined gift-giving out there. Think about funny t-shirts, coffee mugs and posters that represent geek culture and hobbies. Not to mention, all the many science fiction related gifts for the movie buffs out there. Let your imagination run wild and have fun picking out the smartest gifts you can find.