Why Physics makes our Life Easier

Most of the time, people associate physics with complex experiments and famous figures like Albert Einstein. Even though it is a technical subject, there are several day-to-day applications of physics. Physics does not take place in laboratories alone; in fact, thanks to its concepts, our lives have been made much easier.

All around you is physics in action, whether you are aware of it or not. For instance, if you’ve ever wondered what causes lightning when it rains, the answer can be found in physics principles.

Something as simple as sticking magnets to the fridge can be explained using physics principles. Thanks to physics, scientists can come up with innovations to make tasks easier to complete. As a college student, each time you come by a task that’s too complex for your understanding, turn to myessaygeek.com.

1. Physics is the Powering Force behind Innovations

The number of innovations that have been made possible because of physics is uncountable. Over recent centuries, scientists have managed to improve technology thanks to physics. We all know the integral role technology plays today in everyone’s life.

Today, when you need to warm your food, you don’t have to look for a matchstick, you simply turn on the microwave, and it even goes off on its own. Physics allows scientists to come up with innovations that are sustainable and safe.

Smartphones, laser pointer, refrigerators, blenders, you name it. All these innovations were brought to life thanks to physics. Machines make life easier because they not only save time, but they reduce the effort you have to put into doing any particular task.

Imagine how many patients today benefit from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines in hospitals today. Our modern life would not be a reality without all the physics-based innovations available today.

2.  Thanks to Physics, we now have Electricity

Imagine a lifestyle without the convenience of electricity accords us? Life would be quite slow and boring. All the devices you use in your household depend on electricity to function. Research and discoveries by physicists facilitated the generation of electricity from different sources. Physics has always been essential when it comes to designing electric devices.

3. Physics is Essential for Broadcasting and Satellite Communication

Even though many people now use their smartphones to keep up with the latest happenings in the world, the media is not obsolete. Many people still depend on their television sets and radios for the news. Physics is behind broadcasting on different media.

Satellite broadcasting facilitates communication between two remote areas. Where terrestrial broadcasting fails, satellite broadcasting comes in.

4. Access to Entertainment

If you are the kind of person who cannot go anywhere without your headphones, you have physics to thank for your entertainment accessories. Headphones and earphones allow you to enjoy music without interfering with people in your immediate surroundings.

Music always comes in handy after a long day of studying. Did you know that it’s through music that sound can be explained? The concept of sound waves and magnetism were merged to allow you to enjoy music.

5. Photography is Physics

Unlike in the past, when people only depended on cameras to take pictures, today, anyone with a smartphone device. Physicists have managed to advance photography through physics. Pictures today are much clearer and more appealing.


Physics is an essential science for our day to day survival. I bet if you were taken back to the stone-age, you would not survive. Something as simple as lighting a candle would not be possible without physics. Imagine not being able to capture memories through photography or using fire as a source of light when darkness falls. Physics surely makes the world go around.