How to Get Ready for Exams in One Day

If there is only one day left before the exam, and textbooks and notes were not even opened, then you should not panic. After all, there are several methods that allow you to prepare for the exam in 1 day. But for this, it is important to follow certain recommendations that affect not only the reading technique but also your surroundings so that you can focus on learning.

Choose the Right Place

To remember the material for the exam, 24 hours will be more than enough. For example, even when having many assignments during the exam week, you can still find the solution. Sometimes, the service for buying essays for cheap can help.

However, if the student misuses the available resources, then he risks receiving an unsatisfactory grade during the test or oral response. One of the most common mistakes is to study in an inappropriate place. For example, some of them do this with a turned working TV or computer, while others prefer a cafe where someone can distract from the important task. However, here is a shortlist of places that are suitable for study almost perfectly:

  • Library. First of all, it is quiet. Also, you can find almost any necessary theoretical information that will be on the exam. In addition, people often gather in such places to study, so they can be asked for help if you are unable to solve a problem. The disadvantage is the fact that most libraries are closed at night, so you have to learn during the day for 12 hours.
  • A room isolated from the outside world. This is not about a personal room with a TV, refrigerator and other delights of the modern world that seduce a student to distract from the studies. It is important to choose a room where no one will distract the student, and at the same time, there will not be extra objects, so you can study in a safe atmosphere.
  • Your apartment. In most cases, your own home or apartment may also be suitable for study. But before you start studying the subject, you will not only have to make a promise that there will be no breaks but also eliminate the temptation factor itself. For example, you should remove your Playstation, turn off the TV and ask your parents and friends not to distract you.

As for the requirements for the room, they should be the most common. You just need a desk, a comfortable chair, good lighting, and a computer to study online. It is also necessary to turn off the smartphone so that social networks and friends’ calls do not distract the student from an important process. You should also consider using a high-quality conference room table if you run a startup business or a big corporation. Once a suitable environment is created, you can move on to the learning process itself.

Effective Methods of Studying

To prepare for the exam in 1 day, you must choose the appropriate methodology for studying the material, which will take into account the characteristics of the subject, as well as your individual preferences. For example, you can use the following:

  • To better understand the geometry, you will need to solve as many problems as possible;
  • Physics requires the memorization of important formulas;
  • In mathematics, you have to learn to calculate correctly;
  • To study anatomy, you will need to memorize different theories.

Therefore, before you start solving equations that are unlikely to be on the test, it is first necessary to decide which training methodology will be most effective. After all, it is necessary to focus on the material that causes the most questions.

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If the student does not have the necessary notes, then this does not mean that such a teaching method should be immediately rejected. After all, sometimes it’s enough just to ask a notebook from a classmate and take all the necessary photocopies in just a couple of minutes. But you need to use other options since notes are not the best idea because the material is unlikely to be well absorbed. In order for knowledge to remain in your memory, you must use the following options:

  • Create a summary for each section or topic on a separate sheet of paper. Indeed, about 70% of the information read is water, which is already understandable to everyone. Therefore, it is important to write those formulas that should not be forgotten. After this, it remains only to regularly repeat them or use them in order to solve complex mathematical problems and equations.
  • Compilation of a short answer plan. If a student has to prepare for an oral exam, then he should just create his future speech.


Exam preparation is a complex process that requires a lot of responsibility. However, you can still do it in a legit way. If you approach the matter wisely, then even in 24 hours you can learn the subject perfectly. The main things are diligence and patience.