10 Crazy Traffic Laws You Didn’t Know About

Traffic usage will differ from one society or geographic region to the other. What may be legal in your town will turn out to be illegal in another city or town. Get the best writing services for any paper or assignment at Mypaperwriter.com

The world has seen crazy traffic laws in different cities. It is even ridiculous to think that there are people who live by these laws. Here are crazy traffic laws you probably have never had but will land you to jail.

  1. Do not jump out of or into a moving vehicle in Glendale, CA. You have to wait for the vehicle to be completely still before hopping in or out. Do not be surprised that some of the movies you watch with high-speed chases and stars who make extraordinary stunts are shot in California.
  2. You cannot shoot any game from a moving vehicle in Tennessee, USA. The only animal you can aim a shot at is a whale. No one knows why the framers of this law thought that whales could be discriminated against. It is also surprising to find whales on the road while you travel unless you are driving along the beach.
  3.  Arizona has no lower limit for driving under the influence. You can be incarcerated or fined for driving at a level as low as 0.08%. The interpretation is left on the judgment of the traffic office. If he or she feels that you are not fit to drive, you will get in trouble.
  4. No screeching in Derby, Kansas. It is as if one screeches willingly. However, this obvious law will get you to jail for thirty days. The alternative is a fine of $500. It appears that you will be paying for damaging your tires.
  5. Thou shall not run out of gas in Youngtown, Ohio. This must be the city of planning. You must plan your journey and know how much gas you need. If the police find you stranded on the road because you ran out of gas, you qualify for a ticket.
  6. Put on your shirt while in Thailand if you need to cycle. The country appreciates that it is not one of the hottest. If you hit the road with your bicycle, you must have your shirt. This is one of the weird traffic laws around the world.
  7. Tame your tongue in Rockville, MD. You are not allowed to swear from inside the car while on the road. I am not sure whether you should get out first to escape the fine.
  8. No littering the vehicle in Hilton Head, SC. Any dirt accumulated inside the vehicle should be thrown out before you meet the traffic officer. Look out for trash cans along the way because throwing the trash from the vehicle is a worse misdemeanor.
  9. Pets travel in comfort in Alaska. Do not tie the pet on the roof of your car. You have to transport the pet in a legal, safe, and warm manner inside the car.
  10. You can shave, put ketchup on a burger, apply make-up, or such other distractions on the road in Arizona as long as you are not speeding.

Acquaint yourself with the traffic rules of the city or state you will be visiting soon. What you think is legal in your home town may land you in trouble somewhere else. Some of them are ridiculous bookings but bookings all the same.

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