What are common online marketing mistakes to avoid?

According to Statista, there are currently 59% of the world population that is online, 90% of active internet users in the United States alone. If businesses and brands need to effectively make sales and create brand awareness, they cannot ignore digital marketing. Digital or online marketing can lead to a 50% increase in sales. But there is also a catch – businesses can’t just spend huge amounts of money on online marketing and expect good returns on their sales, because it doesn’t work like that. Businesses need to invest in effective strategies for good results.

For instance, Xfinity has effectively created a bundle for their subscribers where consumers can make use of two services for a reasonable price. Consumers can choose any of the Xfinity internet packages, along with their cable TV plans, and not pay both their prices separately. Bundles like these are effective marketing techniques that attract consumers. Meanwhile, check out the link and find out how an expert private investigator works and help resolve family and business cases the soonest time possible.

Bad Marketing

In online marketing, businesses and brands need to make sure that they are using effective online marketing techniques to advertise their services and products. Otherwise, they’re susceptible to losing their base with their customers. For instance, when the #WhyIStayed was trending back in 2014, it was shared many times by women who raised awareness towards domestic abuse that they or someone they knew experienced. DiGiorno Pizza also retweeted that hashtag stating: #WhyIStayed You had pizza. That caused an uproar among many Twitter users and DiGiorno Pizza had to quickly pull down that tweet and apologize for hurting many people’s sentiments. The mistake that DiGiorno Pizza made was that they didn’t read the context behind the #WhyIStayed before co-opting it for their brand marketing.

Common Digital Marketing mistakes

Just like the above example, businesses and brands are prone to making marketing mistakes that can ruin their reputation and make them susceptible to losing customer loyalty. Following are some of the actions that businesses do not partake in or condone, which can lead to less or zero returns for their sales.

  • Website Optimization for Mobile Users. When making a website for their services and products, brands often forget to optimize their website for mobile users. 50% of the mobile users say that they lose interest in a brand if the website is not very easy to navigate through on mobile phones. So if the brands want to keep customers’ loyalty, they need to design an easy-to-navigate website for mobile usage.
  • Website too slow. Slow websites create problems for a brand; brands spend time, money, and effort to attract consumers to their website only to drive them away because the website is being too slow. Consumers will abandon websites if it takes too long to load. To prevent losing any more customers, brands need to hire a good web hosting service that makes the website fast for your current and prospective consumers to navigate through.
  • Lack of Discount or Promotions. Offering discounts increase traffic to the brands’ websites. It doesn’t mean that consumers won’t purchase products that are listed at full price. But if something catches their eye, they might be more willing to pay for items available on a deal. Promotions and coupons can also increase sales for services and products. 91% of the people say that they might be willing to return to an online store again if they are able to redeem a coupon.
  • Not using Social Media Platform. Businesses and brands need to stay active on their social media platform. Not maintaining social media presence means that brands are depriving the consumers of easy communication through live chats. Managing social media platforms is also very inexpensive compared to traditional marketing techniques. All businesses need to do is keep their current and prospective consumers up to date with their products and services, and the discounts as well.
  • No blogs for the website. Having a blog can increase traffic because businesses with blogs have more than 95% of the inbound links. Blogs can also help to build a relationship with prospective customers. If any brands feel that they struggle with creating posts on their social media pages, blogs will help in this scenario. They can simply create an article on their blog and share the link to that blog on their social media page.
  • Not measuring ROI. ROI stands for return on investment. Businesses need to keep track of their ROI. If investing in certain strategies, businesses are not getting any return, they need to stop investing in that strategy and modify it or try on different ones. Having a business is always about getting a return, so brands and businesses need to make sure that they are not burning a hole in their checking account by making an insufficient investment. Hence, businesses need to always keep an eye on their ROI for a significant profit.
  • Spam Emails. Businesses and brands are spamming emails to their customers without even knowing it. Customers willingly share their contact numbers and emails to the subscription list to stay up to date about any new deals and promotions. But what they don’t need is irrelevant information being sent to their emails and text messages. Businesses need to make sure that the emails and text messages they are sending out to customers in their recipient list are helpful, educational, and relevant for them. Some information might be relevant to some customers and some might not.

Business retailers need to define their business models and design online marketing strategies accordingly to get returns for their sales. They can also modify what needs to be modified to get the desired results. Moreover, businesses can also hire digital marketing experts to handle strategies and promotions for their products and services.