What Is The Advantage Of Using An Autoclave To Sterilize Surgical Instruments

An autoclave is an electronic device that uses high-temperature steam to kill microorganisms and sterilize different items. This machine has a sealed chamber that generates powerful steam that is enough to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria so that objects will be cleaned before next use. And autoclaves are commonly found in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities to remove harmful microbes, sterilize medical implements, and surgical tools.

And since we’ve mentioned surgical tools, one question that is usually asked by many is this: what is the advantage of using an autoclave to sterilize surgical instruments? Now we know surgery is a delicate process, and that all instruments used like scalpels and scissors should be sterile to ensure the procedure is safe so the possibility of infecting or contaminating the patient will be avoided.

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Autoclave Sterilizations Saves Lives

Hospitals, where surgical procedures are usually done, are prone to microbes, viruses, fungi, and even deadly bacteria. And these microorganisms can cause serious or fatal complications once they come into contact with patients who are injured or sick because their immune system is usually weak due to the conditions they’re in.

Likewise, the use of non-sterilized surgical implements, especially during surgical operations, drastically increases the possibility of transmitting harmful microbes from patient to patient – which can result in further complications.

This is the reason why sterilizing every surgical tool is critical to ensure each patient to be treated on the surgery table with be healthy and safe as possible.

Here are the advantages of sterilizing surgical instruments using an autoclave with autoclave tapes and indicators:

Eliminates Microbes – Autoclave machines emit high-temperature steam to sterilize and disinfect medical objects. The combination of heat, steam, pressure, and time effectively eliminates all these pathogenic microbes so the tools will be safe for next use.

Safe And Reliable – Sterilizing medical implements with an autoclave machine is by far the most guaranteed method to prevent the risk of spreading germs and diseases to all patients receiving medical care in the hospital. In fact, autoclaving is considered as the most effective process of sterilizing medical objects due to its 99.8% efficiency. And through this process, the patients won’t have to worry about getting contaminated since the instruments used by doctors are definitely safe and sterile.

Sterilization In Bulk – Autoclaves are ideal for all kinds of medical facilities as they come in different sizes. Whether it’s a veterinary clinic or a public county hospital, there’s always be a right size tabletop autoclave to ensure quick instrument sterilization, even if it’s done in bulk.

Prevent Double Surgeries – All surgical operations need several tools, and using only just 1 instrument that is not properly sterilized could result in contamination or serious infection of the patient. Even worse, the symptoms of the infection won’t manifest until much later.

Autoclaving not only sterilizes the tools but also ensures that these instruments will only be used for one surgical procedure at a time to avoid the patient from having additional health issues.

Overall, these are the advantages of autoclaving surgical instruments to ensure they are sterile before use.