Types of Rockery to Choose for Your Landscape

In the garden, landscaping rocks have a variety of uses. They may be used as garden borders, pond edging, river beds, and rock gardens. Whatever the cause, they will undoubtedly infuse your garden with color and energy. Consider utilizing any of these pebbles if you’re having trouble bringing beauty and intrigue to those hard-to-access sections of your garden.

1. Mexican Beach Pebbles

These little spherical stones are, you got it, from Mexico. They will look beautiful just about anyplace you use them because of their soft, gray tone. The majority of the time, individuals bury them at the base of their garden rivers. They sometimes utilize them as sculptural garden stones.

2. Mossy Rock

Want to give your yard a rustic, aged appearance? That’s what these stones will provide for you. These limestone borders look stunning when combined with some velvety moss. They come in a range of sizes.

3. Petrified Wood

Petrified wood mimics the texture of the original wood while being a rock. This is explained by the fact that it is organic material that has been petrified. Petrified wood comes in a range of colors, including dark black and rustic red pieces.

4. Granite boulders

The granite used in the gardens is more rougher and lasts longer than the granite used in the kitchen. These substantial stones work well in ponds or natural garden areas.

5. Lace Rock

Natural volcanic rock with tiny holes on it is called “lace rock.” Most likely, you have seen it being utilized at pet shops. Other individuals utilize it as the focal point of their rock gardens or in ponds.

6. Degraded Granite

Decomposed granite is the most cost-effective option you have if you want to give your landscape a softer, more rustic appearance. It often has a sandy texture and a reddish brown tint in its regular condition. These boulders may be used as ground cover, as well as in garden walks and around trees.

7. The Lava Rock

Another volcanic stone with vivid hues is this one. They are really lightweight, making them simple to spread out in the yard and tote about. Additionally, these rocks go well with any landscaping ideas you may have for your yard.

Those of you who reside in drier climates may find lava rocks to be quite useful. These inorganic mulches may make your garden incredibly comfy at night since they collect heat during the day and release it at night. They are quite expensive, which is the one drawback.

8. Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a pea-sized rock that typically ranges in size from 14 inch to 1/8 inch. It generally varies between brown, white, and tan. Due to the fact that they act as effective weed barriers and take longer to decompose than mulch, most people choose to use it to cover roads and fill in the gaps between stone pavers.

Things to consider while choosing landscape rocks


Rockeries come in two forms. The form of your rockery may establish the tone for your outdoor area.

Smooth rockery stones are great for meditation places or a Zen garden. Smooth pebbles may not appear as natural as angular ones, but they give a psychological benefit.

Rough, angular rocks have many benefits. First, there are no material restrictions. Rounded limestone stones may be difficult to cut, therefore angular rockery stones provide additional options. Angled rocks feel more natural. They’re great for a rustic, “natural” garden.


How you utilize your rockery is greatly influenced by the size of the stones in it. Making sure your stones are the proper size is the next stage in producing the finish you need, whether you require stones to form a path from feature to feature or something to catch your attention.


And lastly, color. Possibly the most significant characteristics of the rocks utilized in a rockery are color and shade. This is due to the fact that color often serves to provoke certain emotions and may establish the tone for your landscape. Anyone planning a garden should consider what colors will work best for their rockery.

Final thoughts

There are several alternatives accessible to you if you’ve been thinking about adding rockery stones to your landscape. Try to look for the Seattle rockery near me. You have a ton of options since there are so many various shapes, sizes, and colors available.