SMS verification scams. Don’t expose yourself

There are just so many ways of scamming people through the Internet, and new methods appear every day. You can be really tech-savvy and still fall for some elaborate tricks that hackers and online scammers like to use. As it is impossible to imagine a modern business without an online presence — there are many virtual dangers that can lead to data leaks and information theft. Each time you try to register on a site, there is a need to verify your account, and a single online verification SMS can be really dangerous for the safety of your company data. This is why using virtual telephone numbers by OnlineSim is recommended.

Advantages of Using a Virtual Number

Many businesses prefer using a disposable number when registering on a site or signing in. One of the key benefits of such a choice is security. Here are the main advantages of using a virtual number service:

  • Enhanced security – when creating a corporate account on any social media platform or using other sites on behalf of your business, it is necessary to provide a phone number for verification. Offering your corporate number can be unsafe, which is why businesses often use a temp number phone.
  • Convenience – you can register and receive a virtual phone in a few clicks or try out a free virtual number to see whether you need it for your business.
  • Great prices – whether you need an online number for a single registration or on a regular basis, there are convenient pricing plans. You can order a unique number for a single use for only 1 cent.
  • Uniqueness – all numbers issued by OnlineSim are unique, and after using a virtual phone number for registering, other clients will not be able to use it.

Try out virtual numbers to receive SMS online when logging in or registering on various websites.