What are Tyvek suits?

Tyvek suits are the best protective clothing to wear when taking care of mold issues in your home or workplace. Tyvek suits are great because they are protective without being heavy or cumbersome. So, it’s easy to move around, clean up and not get in the way of your work.

This article explains why you need Tyvek suits and how to measure for one. By reading this article, you’ll learn about all there is to know about Tyvek cases.

The types of Tyvek suits

Tyvek disposable coveralls are available in two different varieties. A full-body suit has sleeves and legs and covers your entire body, while an ankle-length only case is designed to keep your feet, calves, and ankles covered. These lightweight suits are ideal for work environments where extensive coverage isn’t necessary or increased ventilation is desired.

They can also be worn in conjunction with a heavier outer garment such as a lab coat or jacket to prevent any possible contamination from reaching your skin. These disposable garments are economical, easy to wear and launder, durable, comfortable, and effective at preventing cross-contamination of materials during tasks such as autoclaving procedures or when working with potentially infectious agents.

Sizing Your Suit

Ideally, your jacket should be two inches larger than your actual chest measurement. So if you have a 38-inch chest, you’ll want to get a 40-inch jacket. It’s best to play it safe when it comes to custom suits. Over time they can shrink up to two sizes.

So if it fits right off the rack and your measurements match what is listed on our Size Chart page, the chances are good that it will work well over time. That said, some like their jackets with more room in them. There’s no hard rule here. Just try on as many different styles as possible until you find one that looks great and feels comfortable.

Fitting Your Body Type

  • To determine your body type, stand in front of a mirror wearing a swimsuit.
  • Take your arms and wrap them around your body as if you’re giving yourself a big hug.
  • Do your thumbs touch where your ribs protrude or do they come up high above that point?
  • You have an Apple shape if they’re in line with or higher than your ribs.

If they don’t meet, you have an hourglass shape. If there is some overlap, you have an Inverted Triangle shape ladies with athletic builds who still want to wear two-piece suits should opt for molded cups over foam padding when shopping for swimsuits.

Closing Remarks

To make sure you dress for success, here are some tips and advice from experts on everything from what type of suit to buy to how to tie a tie and everything in between.

You’ll learn exactly how important your clothes fit appropriately from these tips. Keep reading if you want to put your best foot forward at work. You’re about to discover how to rock a suit as nobody else can.