Tips For Picking An Electric Power Provider

Electric power lines

Whether you’re looking to save money, wishing to get the optimum service for what you’re paying for, or just done fighting with your current company, picking the best electric provider can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, everything doesn’t actually need to be downright … Read more

How Many Electric Grids Are in the US?

electric transformer grid

The United States stands as a technological powerhouse, with its vast infrastructure serving as the backbone of modern society. Among these critical infrastructures, the electric grid system holds a place of paramount importance. The electric grid acts as the circulatory system of the nation, seamlessly distributing electricity from its sources of generation … Read more

Can You Sell Your Solar Power To the Electric Power Company?

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As renewable energy sources gain prominence in the global energy landscape, the possibility of selling excess solar power generated by residential solar panel systems to electric power companies has become an intriguing proposition. This article delves into the feasibility, benefits, challenges, and regulatory aspects of selling solar power to electric power companies. … Read more

What Are the Top 10 Electric Providers In the United States?

The working cooling towers of Exelon Generation Unit 1 in the foreground are emitting water vapor

In the modern age of technology and sustainability, the demand for electricity has surged to unprecedented levels. With the increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources and environmental consciousness, the landscape of electric providers in the United States has witnessed significant changes.  In today’s interconnected world, not a single enterprise can function without … Read more

What Should You Do If Your Electric Power Company Isn’t Providing Proper Service?

Electric Transmission Tower Under Gray Sky

Electricity is a fundamental necessity in modern society, powering our homes, businesses, and industries. A reliable supply of electricity is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and functional lifestyle. However, there are times when electric power companies may fail to provide the expected level of service, leading to frustration and inconvenience for customers. … Read more

Why Should You Choose Solar-Powered Air Purifiers?


With increased pollution, air purifiers have become a must-have for homes. They play a critical role because they help clean up the air inside your homes, where you spend most of your time. Although indoor spaces do not have a lot of pollutants, regular habits, such as cooking, cleaning, and products such … Read more

Alternative Power Sources for Survival Prep


Survival prep involves evaluation and preparation of supplies, skills, and plans in order to respond to emergencies. The preparedness and protection of your family during times of emergency should never be taken lightly. It is a practice that requires careful consideration when selecting survival gear.  Having the right power sources is an … Read more

What Back Up Options Should I Plan for If the Power Goes Out at a Big Event?


Arranging a big event can be overwhelming, and careful planning is necessary to guarantee everything goes as planned. Yet, unforeseen events like power outages can occur occasionally. A significant event’s power loss might be disastrous and cause the event to be completely disrupted. As a result, it’s imperative to prepare for backup … Read more