What is the Science behind Accents?

Sometimes, the easiest way to tell where a person belongs is by their accent – even if you speak the…

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Fascinating Facts About Blood Types

The human populations around the world have four main blood types which are A, B, AB, and O, and each…

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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

In Medical applications, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that can analyze complex medical data. AI has…

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Strangest Allergies in the World

What triggers a person’s allergy? A lot may answer the common causes like pollen, dust mites, milk, eggs, peanuts, chocolate,…

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Interesting Facts about the Human Skeleton

The human skeleton is a complex and impressive structure made up of a living tissue. It serves as a support…

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Parts of the Body That We No Longer Need

Not every part of the human body has a role. Because of the evolution and our lifestyle changes throughout millions…

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Mysterious Diseases

When people we get sick, they tend to trust doctors that know exactly what is wrong with their bodies. But…

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Greatest Medical Breakthroughs in History

There are a lot of medical discoveries, but there are a few that will always be considered the milestones of…

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