Why Should Hospitals Be The Cleanest Place?

Why Should Hospitals Be The Cleanest Place

It’s a simple logic, in short words, the hospitals should be the cleanest since people go there to recover health and not to be even more sick. Cleanliness, basic hygiene should be any hospital’s top priority considering various patients, germs, and people of all kind come and go leaving behind God-Knows-What diseases … Read more

Introduction to Medicine

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Our bodies are complex structures, which require proper care and treatment to function at its best. It is because our bodies are vulnerable to various types of diseases that could cause harm to us. Although it is best to prevent diseases by improving our lifestyle and diet, one person cannot entirely avoid … Read more

What Exactly Are Our Bodies Made Up Of?

A detailed view of what are bodies are made up of

The human body is made of different organs, compounds, and elements. It is an extremely well-organized machine that can reproduce and heal. The organs and chemical compounds work as a team to perform basic yet important functions such as digestion, excretion of waste products, muscle development, and growth. Furthermore, elements such as … Read more

Mysterious Diseases

Mysterious Diseases

When people we get sick, they tend to trust doctors that know exactly what is wrong with their bodies. But sometimes, they experience unusual, bizarre diseases that even experts cannot fully explain and doctors cannot recommend a sure cure for. Here are some of the mysterious diseases with unknown causes: 1. Morgellons … Read more