Drone: Ebook Review

by Noel Jerke (Author)
Format: Kindle Edition

An explainer book has become essential in the current times, particularly for beginners who are not having knowledge about a particular thing. Drones are one of the most popular equipment these days. Back in the day, people were not as interested in flying drones as they are now. However, with this rising trend, many people are not able to have the right experience of flying a drone. A book like this gives you several guidelines about drones while adding more to your knowledge by considering a few extras as well.

After reading this book, you will surely feel like a drone expert, mainly because it has provided an in-depth explanation of various aspects of a drone. A good thing about this book is that it has been sectionally divided in such a way that it answers all your questions. The chapters are named “Who, What, When, Where, and How” respectively.

Chapter 1 – Who?

Source: Boeing, Richard Burch Eiber, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As the name suggests, this chapter is primarily based on the “Who” aspect associated with drones. It mainly provides details about the various types of drones. Surprisingly, readers will get aware of many types of drones which they did not know about, earlier. The types are further classified in terms of Application, Wing Types, and Body Structure as well. Based on these classifications, many people get to know which drone type would be most suitable for them.

This is because these classifications tell you about the complexity of the flying procedure and the overall control of the drone. It also helps you know which of them is a beginner drone and which of them isn’t. Various pros and cons are also mentioned in this chapter for a better knowledge of a drone enthusiast.

The last part of this chapter is focused on the World’s Largest Drone Companies and Manufacturers. This helps give you an idea of where to go when you are looking for high quality and maximum-performance drone. These companies have been in the market for a pretty long time with a satisfied customer base. Besides, they are researching to improve the performance mechanism of drones as well. Learn more about these companies to make the right choice when buying a drone.

Boeing is one of the biggest names in the medium-sized drone space industry through its subsidiary, Insitu. Although most of the drones they manufacture are for military use, Boeing has also entered into the ocean of drone space by acquiring Liquid Robotics.

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Chapter 2 – What?

If you ever wished for a dictionary but just related to drones, here it is. Chapter 2 of this eBook is all about the various terminologies associated with drone technology. It has alphabetically categorized various words, phrases, and abbreviations that are said by drone enthusiasts to convey a particular message. Many might think that there isn’t a need for these words and meanings for the reader but truly, there is. There is a lot of extra information that you will get to know as well. Take this as an example

COA – An abbreviation for Certificates of Authorization. You need a COA to fly UAVs domestically under existing rules 17. More than 100 certificates of authorization have been issued to several government agencies, universities, and companies.

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This is a definition of the word COA, used by drone enthusiasts. Besides knowing the basic abbreviation, you also get to know that COAs are essential for flying a drone. The same goes for many other words also.

Besides the dictionary provided at the start of this chapter, it also has great information about the basic controls of drones. This is the part that is most important for readers. Knowing the basics as well as the complications that might arise with them is important for all drone enthusiasts. The control and equipment explanation is thorough and detailed.

Moreover, this chapter also has answers to many of the questions that drone enthusiasts might have. It explains some of the important things for beginners as well. These things should be considered by all drone pilots to have a safe yet fun-filled experience. A dedicated section for rules and regulations regarding the flying of drones helps drone enthusiasts know their boundaries. As a result, you won’t end up facing any penalties or charges.

Chapter 3 – When?

If you are some drone nerd, this chapter is definitely for you. Real fans don’t only live in the present but also evaluate the past and historical aspects of anything. For drone enthusiasts, this chapter is all about the history of drones. The author goes step by step in the form of a timeline which shows us how the first drones were made and how the progress was made gradually to the time we are at now.

Interestingly, this chapter also tells the readers about the military applications of drones. Drones have been used in various wars as well for the purpose of spying on the enemy and getting to know more secret information. However, this chapter also highlights the fact that since 2000, drones have evolved a lot and the major changes we see have occurred post-2000s.

“In the aftermath of 9/11, the CIA began flying armed drones all over Afghanistan as part of the war against terrorists. The first-ever drone-based kill operation took place in 2002 when an unmanned Predator drone was used to kill a suspect thought to be Osama Bin Laden.“

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American police department usage, Solar-powered drones, and various other uses of drones have also been clearly mentioned in this chapter. The author hasn’t only talked in words, rather he has used numbers as well to prove the rising use of drones in the current era.

Chapter 4 – Where?

As the name suggests, this chapter is all about drone piloting and the location factor. Different types of drones are for different purposes and the author has discussed that in great detail in this entire chapter. He has provided examples of several drones such as DJI Matrice, Freefly Alta 8, Parrot ANAFI, and others along with their uses as well. If you are planning to buy a drone but are confused about which one should you buy, this chapter will help you sort out this query as well.

In case your passion is indoor photography, a certain model would work well only. Similarly, if your passion is about the videography of events, then you would need a different kind of model. This chapter will clear you out based on the choices that are actively available in the market.

In the modern era, one of the most sensitive subjects is data privacy and intrusion of data over the internet. Ever since military applications for drones increased, many drones have also been used for commercial purposes. This poses a major question: Is the data collected commercially by drones right or wrong? The author has discussed this perspective and provided an evaluation of commercial usage of drones as well as the data that is collected for commercial purposes.

You might be shocked as you go ahead in this chapter because it explains the usage of drones in the modern world. From insurance services to delivery applications, fire department’s usage, infrastructure capturing, and various other uses that are not commonly known have been explained by the author. It can be inferred that drones have really made our lives easier in so many ways. The huge potential of drones is seen from the massive scale of applications where they are being used.

The last part of this chapter has examples of companies that are using drone technology to improve work processes which include Shell, Amazon, and many others as well.

Chapter 5 – Why?

Those who aren’t convinced of buying a drone, or using a drone to gain commercial and financial benefits, should read this chapter. The author has described several benefits of owning a drone and using it in day-to-day services. A few of the reasons mentioned by the author include

  • Impressive Real Estate Videography and Photography
  • Making Money Via Drones
  • Educational Purposes
  • Drone Racing
  • Improved Social Media Standing
  • Travel Companion

There are some clients that pay as low as $100 and sometimes as much as $10,000 for a one-time drone flight.

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All of these reasons are thoroughly explained in a way that many of those who haven’t even had an interest in buying a drone are likely to buy one.

Furthermore, the author has explained the recent innovations that have taken place in drone technology. From pocket-sized drones to Forestry management drones, all of them are discussed along with their uses, benefits, and technical specifications as well.

The writer has also discussed a few of the innovations that have added more to the experience of any drone pilot. These include Radar Positioning, Obstacle Detection, Collision Control, Gyroscope, Propulsion, and many others as well. Wi-Fi and other network capabilities are discussed with which the drones can transmit large data to another network database in a matter of seconds only.

Chapter 6 – How?

The best things are often saved for the last, and this is true for this eBook. Now that the readers are aware of the various types of drones, their models, complications, parts, history, and other aspects, the author discusses various tutorials and answers questions that begin with a “How”. Mainly, the author has discussed 7 different questions regarding drone flying procedures, drone licensing, taking care of drones, how to buy the right drone, and others as well. As a result, you have all the information needed to make the right purchase that would give you a great drone flying experience.

This chapter also discusses the various security issues associated with flying drones. The author has clearly mentioned how drones can be hacked as well as how drones can be saved from hacking by following certain types of drone security tips as well. One of the main things to consider is that drones can be easily hacked so you need to read all those tips to find out ways to avoid that from happening.

General Overview of the Book

General Overview of the Book

On the whole, this book provides quite detailed information on drones. From basics to advanced considerations regarding a drone, this book covers it all which is why it can be considered as one of the best ultimate guides to drones. The best part is that the author has used simple English to write the entire book. While there are a few terminologies used, each of them has been thoroughly explained in Chapter 2 providing for a dictionary for drones. As a result of this, this book can be easily understood, and comprehended by anyone.

While reading this book, you would see various references from top organizations, governmental institutes, and other bodies that have been created to regulate and maintain the usage of drones in different areas. This makes the book validated and authentic to be used as the best possible guide for drones. It has not only covered the present and future but the historical aspect associated with the drones is also covered in an accurate manner making it precisely accurate for both, nerds and fun-loving drone pilots.

The book ends with a discussion of the various problems associated with drone technology that the world is currently facing. Security is one of the key challenges but there are many others too that pose a threat to our everyday lives. The author has also provided an explanation on the potential future of drone technology and other types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles showing high hopes that this technology is going to take over the world soon.

“According to the Economic Report by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), in the first three years of UAS integration, more than 70,000 jobs will be created in the USA alone. This will create an economic impact of more than $13.6 billion and grow through 2025, where they see the creation of 100,000 jobs in the USA. Hence, it is found that the drone industry will add more than $82 billion to the US economy by 2025”

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